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hey man nice job !!!

but you know what is really important well atleast i think so, is the option to ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT.

it does not have it. please add that option that wold be really cool !! and thanks for this nice app ;)

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imagine i have your app in a "normal size" not to huge but not to little but if i click on the maximize button to see the pic in the big size then i want to click on the same button to reSize it to the "normal size" i had first and it does not do it, can you add that option to that gonna make more fuctional your nice app ;)

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and what about to add the "+" ," - " , and the "X" to the max, min and close buttons ? what u think ?????? :)

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Originally posted by bolero@Mar 14 2004, 09:21 PM

if you have avepreview in your dock, you can drag images into it and it will open avepreview with that image!!



this app rules

is there anything it CANT do?

oh yeah...view psd's

oh well, screw it..I love it

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Originally posted by jbgamble@Mar 15 2004, 05:23 AM

This is a really great app!!!!! :D

On mine the window proportions don't change when I open up a new image,

causing some images to appear streched.... Is this just me?

And I would also love to see a zoom-in and out feature. ;)

Keep up the good work!

yeah andreasV is aware of the problem! he'll get it fixed! ;)


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Originally posted by AndreasV@Mar 15 2004, 10:12 AM

I'm lovin' XP-review DuckieĀ  ;)

Allright, I fixed a little font anti-aliasing problem, so while I am busy, is there anything you people want to see in this app more? Can be anything, from exta skinning options to some functionality. Just tell meĀ  :P

skinnable toolbar for rotating and zooming the image as well as an open dialog


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Wow sweet app! :lol: and .. o m g the skinning engine is faaantastic. I wish every damn windows app had this skinning engine. png skin format owns everything. yes another transparency on inactive state would be so sexy. we could make the titlebar 1:1 as in jaguar 10.2 if anyone remebers ;)

on a side note andreas if you can in the future please use this kinda png skinning engine. i absolutly love it.! :lol:

ha det bra

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Originally posted by AndreasV@Mar 15 2004, 10:25 AM

The toolbar can be done, can you supply me the buttons in PNG format?

On a side note, do you people want the roll-up button? if yes, give it to me in PNG format (Seph :P ). Also, do you want the titlebar to have an other transparency on inactive state?

yes, do the rollup, but no, I dont have any of the pngs

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yes, do the rollup, but no, I dont have any of the pngs

Allright, rollup it is and for the images **paging Seph, paging Seph

Uhoh, we are having a little problem:


Ofcourse, I can fix this by drawing the top-corners on the top-border, but this doesn't work on the Brushed-skin, where the top-corners are larger than than the top-border. Anyone can fix that for me?

Oh, and while you are all here, whatya think of an icon in the titlebar?

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