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I've just been making a site for someone, partly to repay a favour, but mostly as a learning exercise to get to grips with building a site. It's for a farm and doesn't have any real content yet (because I've not been given any!) and I haven't finished figuring out how to write a nice gallery script yet.

I know this isn't exactly an aqua-community site, but Timmie did let me 'borrow' those nice Valid XHTML and CSS buttons from here till I make my own.

The site should be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. Because I'm doing this mostly to learn the languages, if anyone finds a bit that doesn't render right please post it here. Also comments on layout and design are welcome. :)

Here be a link.

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Thanks wizard. I changed the styles to fix that.

@carbonfiber. Which links are you referring to? If you can see em, then you have javascript enabled so they should work. They work for me in IE and Safari.

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