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[release] Weathermini


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This is my latest config :


It's inspired by Mini weather Konfabulator widget . Background image I've recreated in Photoshop due to restrictions from Konfab team so it is NOT a perfect match.

Also for the same reason I DO NOT provide any icons ...read the readme for details !

I'm using new Weather2004 (RC2) plugin from Samurize.com and so far it's working great.

No freezes of any kind :)

READ readme file carefully :

WeatherMINI Samurize config

Author: Crni Mail: [email][email protected][/email]
 URL : http://free-st.htnet.hr/crni/

DO NOT modify and redistribute this skin or any images
that are part of the skin. DO IT for personal use ONLY.


- You MUST have latest Samurize v1.25
  installed in 'C:\program files\Samurize\'
- Config uses new Weather2004 plugin so to configure it
  you will need to open 'Weather.2004.ini' file located
  in '~\samurize\plugins\' folder and replace XXXXXX in line :


  with your Location ID.
  (use included 'LocationFinder.vbs' if you don't know what's your ID)
  Also you need to change line :




  if you are using metric system.

- Config use standard DesktopWeatherXML icons located in :


You will need FULL set of icons (1-47).Sets that were shiped with old
DesktopWeatherXML script were cripled. You can get nice full set
from stardock.com created for OD weather docklet...
If you using OD weather docklet chances are that you alredy have it.
Copy that set to '~\Skins\DesktopWeatherXML\images\old\' and
rename images 1-9 from :

'01.png' '02.png' '03.png'...'09.png' to '1.png' '2.png' '3.png'...'9.png'

or else those images wont be displayed.


1.Unpack in 'C:\Program Files\Samurize\'

2.Go to Start > Run > "C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe" WeatherMini

  That will create 'WeatherMini'instance.
  Load 'WeatherMini.ini' and you are set.

Skin info:
- Skin has three (3) main styles - Horizontal , Vertical and Corner style
- Horizontal and Vertical are expandable to 5 days forecast
  Click left to go UP or LEFT
  Click right to go DOWN or RIGHT
  Click on first weather icon (the one on the 'City,Country'config)
  to toggle Vertical or Horizontal ...

- When reach 5 days forecast expand button will switch to Corner style
  Click on first weather icon to toggle Corner substyles
  and click on last icon to switch back to
  Vertical or Horizontal styles.
  I know it sounds complicated but you'll get hang of it. Just follow the cursor;)

Credits goes to:

- Tadis for creating original 'switch' and 'LocationFinder' scripts
  and for letting me use them and  modify.
  Check for more of his goodies at his hompage:

Go and get it from my HOMEPAGE ;)


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Another nice config.

Shouldn't the second item say tonight?

This may be a feature of the plugin, though.

EDIT: If this was intended to be the evening forecast, you need to use the Now fuction instead of the Later function which does the next day.

Now for a little nitpicking:

Tadis for creating original 'switch' and 'LocationFinder' scripts

The LocationFinder function looks very similar to the one torsius made for his Weather 2003 Pro config. This is the same person that created the plugin you're using. I have also altered it to return just the one loc_id that matches the user input.

- You MUST have latest Samurize v1.25

  installed in 'C:\program files\Samurize\'

It isn't really absolutely necessary to have Samurize installed in 'C:\program files\Samurize\'.

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You're totally right there, the Location Finder script is torsius' work (it came with the weather2004 plugin). Whilst beta testing this widget I sent crni the modded double-click version that incorporates torsius' work.

I hadn't noticed that crni had given full credit to me :(

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Originally posted by applelover@Mar 1 2004, 10:41 PM

It isn't really absolutely necessary to have Samurize installed in 'C:\program files\Samurize\'.

My Samurize folder is located at D:\Tools\Customizing\Samurize and i can't get it to work ... :(

I changed all *.ini's to the new place, copied the weather icons from my Y'z Dock folder and edited the Weather.2004.ini with my Location ID.

Also Samurize doesn't show me any subfolders in my Configs folder except the one from Konfabulator Milk ... (perhaps because of the installation script ?)

I added a screenshot to show a) the samurize menu B) my configs folder and c) the (not working) weathermini widget

Would be really glad if some of the samurize experts could give me a few tips on that. :rolleyes:


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A lot of the switching issues are caused by using the incorrect instance name. So just to make sure, are you using the following:

"C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe" "WeatherMini"

Or are you simply starting client.exe and then selecting the config from the systray?

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