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[release] My Milk Suite


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Hi All,

Just in case you haven't been following this on my site (why not :lol: ), here is my infamous version of the konfabulator weather widget in a milk theme.

Now for the interesting bit:

This suite of widgets requires NO EDITING or ANY form of configuration other than what is presented inside the actual widget.

Simply extract the folder from the zip onto your desktop, and execute the installation vbs. Everything is copied into the correct locations and the configs are automatically edited to reflect your local samurize directory.

Double-click the shortcuts that appear and each widget will guide you through its configuration ON-SCREEN!

There are three widgets in all: System Stats, Media & Weather.

Check out my website for further instructions, I've put it on my frontpage.

And, if you're waiting for the original Konfab skin, it's on its way, (give me a few days ;) )


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Originally posted by derek@Feb 26 2004, 06:36 PM

:blink: amazing work  :woot:

thank you tadis  (Y)

ps:i have just a little problem,sometimes when i minimize or expand a pod it freeze and i must kill the process to relanch it  :(

i share the exact same sentiments... wow...

but i do share that same freezing problem... when i expand or collapse, it sometimes freezes the app up, and can only go through the task manager to end it.

otherwise, this really kicks ass, especially the setup method without having to edit scripts. :rock: :rule: (Y) :own:

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Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm glad you like the suite (there are more coming)

Regarding the script freezing problem, I know this is an issue and I've been trying to get to the Samurize forums to see what the great powers that be think (poor guys are having hosting issues).

I think the problem is to do with any external script trying to access the client.exe at the same time as some other process and this causes something to stop working. Even if you press the refresh key too often the client crashes.

Please bear with me on this point for now... :(


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Hi, I'm also having problems with the media and weather script. I get an Access violation at address 0049F5DE in module 'Client.exe'. Read of address 000000024.

I'm using version 1.2 of samurize as I cant get to the server to update with the latest version. I still get the samurize icon in systray but when i click 'Reload Config' I get the above error again. any thoughts?

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