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[release] Milk 2.0

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Originally posted by Keith@Feb 23 2004, 09:54 PM

0 pixel border themes are a b!tch to use, but 1 pixel border themes like TD Panther show most of the effect and you can actually resize windows

yes, that's what I meant - 1 pixel border like stefanka's panther snow :D

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i could go on and on and on abt this one. The reason i got into all of this was the milk msstyles. And this really tops it off....

the black start menu section and the "All Programs" menus, i was just thinkin abt that a few days ago! uber man, just uber.

very intricate and yea for sure minimal.

<-- patiently waiting for your future releases.

back to makin milky icons :naughty:

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Originally posted by tomtom@Feb 27 2004, 12:21 AM

does anyone know how to fix the firefox scrollbar problem?

(I don't mind what it looks like in Internet Explorer)

(there's a small problem with Photoshop too)

Those problems are to do with StyleXP really, I found the best way around them is to use Windowblinds... but then you'd need someone to port this theme over heh

Until then try to look past those minor glitches if you can ;)

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Originally posted by starforge@Feb 26 2004, 02:18 PM

Until then try to look past those minor glitches if you can ;)

I finally found my dream theme and you want me to live with glitches? :P

I can't :canadian:


there are VS out there without this problem - so it should be possible...

grandmaster stefanka can you help???

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Wow.. this theme is really really nice.. Particularly like the option to choose your ideal font, wish more visual styles incorporated this feature. Verdana looks particularly good on a high res desktop.

One thing that would be nice would be the addition of winflags for the start menu..;) and maybe 0 or 1 px border but I'm just being picky..:P

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First of all, I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with this 'update' to one of my all-time favourite msstyles! I must tell a brief story relating to this, as it speaks 'volumes' about the character of the members involved...

I first contacted both Ross (b0se) & Franco (KoL) to see if they could guide me on a little 'scrollbar glitch' that I was getting with Firefox...Ross, always soo helpful gave me some tips, (but alas my skills & knowledge of StyleBuilder are quite poor, to say the least-lol)...

Then both Franco (KoL) & Shawn (HeXuM) said, "Why don't you contact D'Blade"...so I did, but (always the diplomat, I first let KoL see the PM), and Lennard returned my PM with a 'solution' to my issue...

I then passed this info on to 'two' of my Forum colleagues, LoofyGun & tomtom (Ewald), and this got the 'ball rolling' for they both have far better experience then moi with this kind of edit/mod...

tomtom even contacted Lennard, to let him see what he did, (very good-to always get the authors approval-mind you none of this work was ever released publically)...

And the rest of the story is history...:)

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no deviant doesn't work. (mentioned above)

Their downloads haven't been working these days.

and if someone can give me the yz toolbar milk as well I'd appreciate it.

DT doesn't allow me to download for some odd reason.

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