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G.a.n.t. 2 Shell Pack

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Everything said and download here

Do post all comments on my site coz i wont be checkng here often :) and some clicks on the ads would be nice :lol:

enjoy :)



Changes in 1.2


Updated these files with newer versions :







Smudgy icons fixed :

multiple properties icon (was fine in V.1. forgot abt it in V.1.1 when I updated shell32.dll with a newer version )

advanced properties icon

shortcut icon

'move read-only file' dialog icon

Added :

Support for G.A.N.T. 2 file type icons by adding shimgvw.dll.

Another wmplayer.exe so people having problems with the wmplayer.exe previously can use the other one now.

Telephon.cpl (changes the phone n modem connections icon in the control panel > classic view. Weird how nobody noticed this.)

Changed :

User accounts icon in the control panel for both views.

Open folder icon.




Changes in 1.1 :

Shell32.dll now version 1233 (Dont know how I had been using the old version even though my system was upto date)

Forgot to add the IE avi in shdocvw.dll, now added. (I know that was very stupid of me, completely forgot about it lol)

Empty recycle bin\Shift+delete smudgy icon fixed

Icons in folder options > general tab fixed.

Changed the all programs menu icon.

Added 3 files : Adobe Gamma.cpl, ImageDrive.CPL, QuickTime.CPL

Shell32.dll now only 14.8 MB

Shell pack now only 13 MB!!!!

A big thanks to uniacid for hosting file file

Do download this update coz the previous shell32.dll version was 115

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Originally posted by ЀVÌ£ Ïñ Ðì§gû燎@Feb 25 2004, 12:05 PM

Ive crossed my monthly bandwidth of 5gb and my account has been locked :(

uuuhm... I don't have any bandwith limits... heh!

but why didn't you use dev-art? :blink: I thought you had it on dev-art...

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