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Neos 1.1.2 By Daisuke Yamash-ita

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Neos 1.1.2



NEOS 1.1.2 by Daisuke Yama****a


Ported to XP by Susumu & Three Drives

Original OSX NEOS Skin available at DSKY:


Read the review here:


Wallpapers & Y'z Dock Background included!


Sometimes the Ie group menu breaks up, fixed soon.

Single pixel space above titlebar, fixed soon.





Three Drives



[email protected]


Disclaimer: this theme is by Daisuke Yama****a, in no way has artistic license or views come into question to change any aspect of his original. We have merely attempted to port it across to Windows directly.

~Three Drives

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Hey TD,

As you are well aware, I have never been to fond of the darker themes (for even with my still 20/20 vision, I find myself getting eye strain after viewing my screen for 20 minutes or so...

But I must say, that this dark theme, might find a permanent spot in my Themes folder, and here is a link to a Desktop pic @DT2...

Mac Neos 1.1.2 Desktop pic

This was posted by a colleague of mine, and although it is a Mac port, I found the desktop icons pictured really cool, and have PM to this individual for more info...If you have any info on these neat dark icons, please post the info here...

Is a shellstyle also in the works...Keep up your great work man...Mr Logistics!


Ok, just got back a kind PM and here is the link to these neat icons, now there are not that many, but some might good use of them...

Black Mac icons

You will need Stuffit to unpack them and then one of the good Icon apps to convert...

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