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[release] Fontbrowser

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It would be wonderful if somone would make a font browser that is just like the OSX one and displays all fonts correctly. I would really use this but, no offense, the ones that are out right now are very buggy (alilm, yours makes other applications stop functioning)


This isnt a request or anything, I know both of you are working hard on Merlin which will be much cooler than a font browser.

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Really cool... i got the same bug with Apple Garamond.

The ability to activate and deactivate fonts would be great... something clean and simple like BitStream Font Navigator (comes with CorelDraw) would be cool. I guess those apps activate and deactivate fonts just by adding (or deleting) a "shortcut" to the font on the windows\fonts folder. For this... the app would need to create a "library" of fonts based on a folder or something.

Just some ideas... great work.

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