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[release] Fontbrowser

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Excellent work dude! :rule:

Well , off course that easy to suggest, but you told us about it.

The real FontBook can activate and desactivate fonts in OSX. This means that you can have installed on your system a huge number of fonts, but desactivating the ones you don´t uses, the system don´t have to load all installed ones with every program.

For designer´s , skinners, and some others here, this kind of apps is very usefull. At least for me, that use a lot of fonts, but some of that I uses not much. Install and uninstall fonts sucks, so an OSX app that lets us activate will be amazing.

Well , it´s just a suggestion

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bug report

:busted red:

1) it doesnt like apple garamond, and some of the arel(sp ehh?) variants, it just shows the last font selected when i choose them

2) Doest skin well with brushed panther WB4 theme. Its not realy the apps fault tho.

3) when i scroll down and back up i get this. (look down)

:busted red:

Other then that its realy nice. I like the slider on the right, and its great for choosing a font for something your doing, soemthing that would be normaly tedious double clicking.

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