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[release] Cdcovers


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Since Samurize v1.55 instance names are case sensitive

so instance name has to be exactly like it says : cdcovers

(all small captions).Also now there is instance manager

avaliable in your samurize folder (InstanceManager.exe )

I strongly suggest you use that app to create and

manipulate instances.





As always read the readme file carefully :

CDCovers v6 (for any player supported by samurize)

Author: Crni Mail: [email][email protected][/email]
   URL : http://free-st.htnet.hr/crni/

DO NOT modify and redistribute this skin or any images
that are part of the skin. DO IT for personal use ONLY.

v6 - 'Shake it like a polaroid picture' :)

v5 - Added more substyles to BOXED style.

v4 - Changed the way Synergy skin expand/collapse behave.
  If manually expanded config will now stay that way until
  manually colapsed again.

v3 - Added more Synergy substyles and made it automatically switched.
  I recomend that you delete all files located in :
  '~\samurize\configs\CDCovers\' folder and then extract new files.

v2 - As of Samurize v1.50 NO scripts are required to switch configs
     so you MUST have latest Samurize v1.50 or automatically
  switching configs wont work.
  All paths are relative so config should work no matter what's
  your default Samurize installation folder.

v1 - Initial release


- Config search for :

  '~ Samurize\Skins\CDCovers\Skins\CDCovers\NOcover.png' by default

  and based on state of the cover switches configs.
  You MUST edit config and set that image to be your NOcover image.
  Go to : '~ Samurize\plugins\AdvancedMediaPlayerInfo.opt' ,
  open it with notepad and set this line :

not_available = C:\Program Files\Samurize\Skins\CDCovers\NOcover.png

  (or you can change it with plugin dialog box in config editor)

1.Unpack in your samurize folder
2.Create cdcovers instance :

  Start > Run : "C:\Program Files\Samurize\Client.exe" "i=CDCovers"

3.Right click on tray icon and load one of the three (4)
  config files :

 'CDCovers.ini'        GUiPod Style
 'CDCoversBOX.ini'        BOXED
 'CDCoversSynergyL' or 'CDCoversSynergyR' Synergy style
 'CDCoversPolaroid'      Polaroid style

Skin info:
GUiPod Style - on desktop only when player is active

BOXED    - always on desktop.Click on the left edge to
      open/close BOX .
Synergy style  - on desktop only when player is active.
      Click on Right edge to expand/collapse.
      When in 'Cover only' mode click on Left edge
      to change expand orientation (click once on the
      left edge and then use right edge to expand/collapse).
      If no cover is found skin will switch to 'NO Cover'
      mode and stay like that.
Polaroid Style - always on desktop.'Undeveloped' polaroid image
      is displayed when no cover is found;)


Both BOXED abd Synergy styles will collapse after 20s to
'Cover only'mode and expand again on song change
(unless manually expanded - in that case config will now stay that
way until manually colapsed again).

Visuals info:

Skin uses 'AdvancedMediaPlayerInfo.dll' and 'SpectrumVis.dll'
located in Samurize plugins folder to display
cover art on desktop and visuals.
Samurize install specific plugin in every player
plugins folder upon installation.
If skin doesn't work for some player,reinstall
Samurize and/or that player to make sure that
all plugins are detected.
For more info on plugins read 'SpectrumReadme.txt'
located in Samurize folder.

- You MUST enable use of this plugin in
  players preferences.

As always get it from my HOMEPAGE ;)

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Very good, not to say GREAT idea, crni! I love it. But please....clarify this for me...it doesn't support iTunes? :cry: Friggin' Apple, they made such a stupid mp3 player :6 :lol:

@zenzen: I think Samurize gets covers from the Internet ;)

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umm ya how do i get the cd cover to show, is it only for like foobar and winamp [ cdcover support ] everything else is fine, just when i click in the center for the light show, my trillian connection manager shows up instead. any ideas?

[edit]oops ya iforgot itunes is soo :canadian: that it doesn't support vis.[/edit]

but i still get the same thing with winamp.

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  - Skin search for 'folder.png' in currently playing song folder,

  so you must convert you CD covers images to png format

  ( Samurize DOES NOT support any other ).

that means you need to get your own cover art (ie. manual internet/another automatic prog. ie. musicmatch)



- Samurize team has announced jpg to png conversion 'on the fly'

  and fetching cover from internet by default for next Samurize

  release. When that happens I'll update this config.


that means you need to wait for the next samurize (the program) for it to fetch it automatically.

just for the posts that were wondering.

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its not the problem to convert (as of the action of converting) but that they are spilled through my entire collectin. see first cover is in like ../musik/muse/origin of symetrie/folder.jpg and another one is in /musik/50 cent/get rich or die tryin'/folder.jpg. I don't feel like opening every single folder and convert the picture by hand, so an automation tool thats what I'm asking for. but anywayz big thx n respect for wanting to convert them for me :shy:

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Originally posted by Peter

Very good, not to say GREAT idea, crni! I love it. But please....clarify this for me...it doesn't support iTunes?  Friggin' Apple, they made such a stupid mp3 player

@zenzen: I think Samurize gets covers from the Internet

I dont have iTunes but according to SpectrumReadme.txt iTunes doesn't support visuals only :

The info plugin file is iTunesSamurizeInfo.dll, it should already be in
the "plug-ins" subdirectory of your iTunes installation. Although it is
a visual plugin, it does not need to be active to serve the data to
Samurize. In fact, the visualizer part is non-functional.

Cover art is drawn through AdvancedMediaInfo plugin so it should work just fine...

(let me know if does)

According to Samurize team next release will handle things differently.

It will allow for all covers to be in one folder and will display covers based on album tag and cover image filename.It will also convert jpg image to temp.png

dynamically allowing to display that png image as cover (similar to weather script)


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Originally posted by bunkka@Feb 8 2004, 07:09 PM

wait how do i install cover art? where do i put it? :canadian:  :canadian:

Place cover image in your music folder convert it to png format and rename it to 'folder.png' .You should organize your albums into folders and repeat precedure for every album you have...

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