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  1. I have been working on a new site for a good while now, it has gone through many changes over the past few months with help from some friends and I have decided to open it! GeekSpot is a site for me to release applications that I make and is also a Video Game & computer programming forum. The discussion ranges from video game consoles to the popular game Diablo 2. If you would like to help our community grow, feel free to visit. GeekSpot
  2. Wow those are very nice, were they difficult to make?
  3. This is an early and buggy release of my snapshot server, which can be used to share a picture of your desktop over any network. If you give it a try and like the idea of a snapshot server, please leave me a message. This may also be the final version due to hardrive failure if I do not get any feedback about it. If you like it, message me or post on my forums and I may recode a new one. The download link is under the projects section, sorry for the slow server I will likely be moving to somewhere better soon. Homepage
  4. You my friend have adware! Run lava softs adaware from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ or some other adware removal program. This is a program that hijacks your browser and forces you to visit their site.
  5. It is currently based on IE, but we will try to migrate it to Mozilla or a more "secure" browser.
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