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  1. That was a simple shell for windows! Sorry
  2. Hey, sorry if there is a similar fred here, i did not find it! and sorry for my bad english (germany)! ok...my problem is, around the prev/next buttons is a black field. how can i solve it? pic:
  3. changed nothing....but thanks! EDIT///Nobody got this problem?
  4. ok...i found out, one the left side of the apple.logo is the "mac"-menu, on the rest (also the logo) is the "old"-menu... i looked in the .ini and found a point "HideTaskpanel=1"...so it should be disabled...but it isnt -.-
  5. Yes...thats my problem! If i click there, there COULD come the "old" or the "mac" startmenu! Sometimes the old, sometimes the new, is there a chance to deactivate the "old" startmenu? OR
  6. Ok...thanks, solved! New problem: How can i deactivate my old taskbar? Cause when i click on the apple-icon, it opened the old start-menu or the new one (like "about this mac")! thanks, SuR
  7. Hey, i used it! very nice...but i got a problem: the findebar fits only half of my taskbar! Means: The other (right side) half looks normal...thats strange! pic:
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