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  1. raduking, if this thing is dead please close this topic. otherwise let us know how things are working out. i am using the latest version with a few bugs (sometimes crashing, when checking mail with the docklet). i will be happy to see a smooth version coming out soon and willing to pay for! fred
  2. hey smaky, this docklet is just awesome! i'm runnning version 0.1a with tklauncher on win7 64bit and it works quite good. i like the style of the message button and the little animation. but still a little improvement would be nice. here a few suggestions that can be moved quickly into reality: - one annyoing thing is whenever i click the icon it will recheck the mailstatus before opening thunderbird. to write a new mail i don't need to recheck it twice. - if you put the recheck AFTER opening the mailprogram (lets say 10 sec) that would also solve another problem. because whenever i answer ma
  3. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the best and smoothest dock i ever saw - make it ready for win7 (maybe with 64bit support) with a good installer and backup option. it's one of the most helpful things for windows and a eyecandy too. please continue working - you will like it, many thanks in advance!
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