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  1. It's nice that you love PS2. And you will surely love this XCM Mega Cool VGA box too. I can only say that PS2 is playing like never before. I had never imagined that I would be able to play all my PS2 games with such richness in color and enhanced picture quality. The colors are truly beautiful through this amazingly Mega Cool VGA box. It is worth every penny I must tell you. There is no lag whatsoever. You won't see any pixels like you see on SDTV. The picture is perfectly clear and the most important thing is the TEXT appears so clear that I jumped off my chair once the display appeared o
  2. Yes absolutely you can do that. And you must be having a very good monitor if it's having component inputs. Could you please name the make and model of your monitor. I am interested in buying one too. And yes, the quality with RCA is really bad if you connect it to a widescreen or high def tv. You can have a multi-console component cable like this one if you have any other console or plan to buy one in future: But I ordered ps2 component cable from play-asia for my ps2 as I don't have any other console and I found it cheapest over there.
  3. Ok thank you all for the suggestions..but still I am not sure, what will work... Can anyone tell me if this is good enough for me to connect my PS2 to an LCD monitor using component cables. XCM MEGA COOL VGA BOX for PS2 Thanks in advance. Please let me know as soon as possible because I have received component AV cable, and this XCM thing is quite expensive and don't want to waste that money away. The video shown on the link really lured me into placing an order for it. Please help me with suggestions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, this was my po
  4. I am sick of playing games on my old tv having RF inputs giving very bad picture quality. So I decided to go for something good, if not the best. Offcourse the best requires me to have an HDTV which I won't buy because it is crazy to invest so much just to improve picture quality. So I ordered a component cable for PS2 which would be here in two weeks time. Now I want to know what do I require to connect my PS2 to a 19" tft lcd monitor through that component cable? Please help me with specific links to the product if any. Thanks in advance.
  5. I can enjoy playing any game on PS2...if it's from one of my favorite genres, but I love GOD of WAR I and II.
  6. I would go for Fallout 3 which has received quite good response from across the globe. Check gamespot.com for everything you need to know about games.
  7. I use Mozilla Firefox, coz it is really cool with respect to everything I want in my browser. But I have heard, Apple has launched Safari browser for Windows which is really cool, so I'm gonna try it and update this space.
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