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  1. Good work!! Thanks! I translated Chinese Language files. Need to download Chinese_S.xml or Chinese_T.xml By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  2. Thanks,Great!! Why I canceled the standard buttons,But every time to re-open the window will appear?? and,search and new file name can not be encoded Chinese?
  3. Thanks for your support! This will be upgraded
  4. You can also download here Thanks for your support~
  5. You try this version of the provisional Click here
  6. This may be the WB version of the problem. I'm using 6.2
  7. The WindowBlinds skin contains the right button already.
  8. SL WindowBlinds skin Snow leopard 非官方主题 Snow leopard unofficial theme 处女作,请多关照~ Debut work,Please take care of~ WindowBlinds skin all in one Click here SL QTTabBar skin Click here SL Styler ToolBar skin Click here My blog
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