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  1. 1. I'm afraid you can't just open the windows control panel as a stack. Windows is forming it scanning system folders. But you can form your own stack one by one creating shortcats. Rightclick on a control panel link you need, create a shortcut on a desktop and move it on to stack. 2. May be you can run the app and remember its state opening it maximized.
  2. That's right. But there is no watches at all tho the docklet is installed and works fine, as I said.
  3. Yeah it works fine, thanks. But where people get the watches docklets? I've seen a plenty, and found none. Please.
  4. I don't know if it helps but there were some issus with Vista's UAC. Try to turn it off, remove the extra icons and reboot again. It might be XWD can't save the condition. And don't know if it's (or anything else) gonna be fixed at all in future.
  5. ...or you can just rightclick on the taskbar, remove the 'lock the taskbar''s mark and pull the taskbar down off the window. You can always get it back if you pull the taskbar up again.
  6. Hey guys, do you think the project's dead? Cos if it is I'm not sure there's any reason to use the app. Bobah says he has no time to support XWD any longer. So do you think it's worth trying? There were a lot of bugs I noticed for these two days I'm using it. Corruption of the wallpaper under the task bar when it goes off the screen(reserve scrn area is on). Then try to right-click -> edit an icon in a stack and the edit window is unreachable because it's under the icon's window. You can not get to the edit window, the edit window doesn't allow to close the icon window and the icon window f
  7. Well, bad. But still great, I'm in the middle of choosing wich one to use - XWD or StarDock. I really miss those transparent icons in Stardock.
  8. Couldn't find an answer if I can change the docking position(Top, left edge etc). It seems to me I've read something positive but not sure it was XWD.
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