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  1. I have never had any issues with xwindows dock and win7. The only 'issue' if you can call it that is the sluggish animation at times other than that, a truly brill dock! Now, I just await version 2 so I can throw away my winstep nexus....
  2. How about a stack style docklet that shows Everest ultimate temperature readings etc? I hate the Everest sidebar gadget, would be better to show readings in a dock? I guess this wouldnt be too hard to implement as Everest has external application support, would be a great feature for XWD IMHO....
  3. I have attached one that failed to display for me. Let me know if it works for you, thanks. GsLeo.zip
  4. I just downloaded a couple of backgrounds from the rocketdock website, i used the import feature in Nexus and they dont appear under 'backgrounds' ? Is this the normal way to import?
  5. Great dock. But there's only one thing stopping me from purchasing winstep/nexus and that's the lack of decent 3d dock backgrounds specifically for Nexus. Using other dock backgrounds is all well and good but I want to use the overlay and reflection features of Nexus and this only works with skins made for it. Any ideas where I can get these leopard style 3d dock brackgrounds?? cheer
  6. Well, I cant wait for the stack docklet, the stand-alone stacker doesnt do what want from stacks (adding a single file item to the stack) for eg.
  7. All I can say is, WOW! Love this dock app to death, if only development was continued :-(
  8. Well, I used to use objectdock, now xwindows dock is my primary dock for windows 7. I love it to bits and would surely pay for the product if only to keep development going...
  9. Is XWindows Dock 5.6 optimized for Direct X 10/Nvidia Geforce cards? The reason why I ask is due to the somewhat sluggish performance with panel stretching when using the Dock, it just doesnt seem as responsive as say Objectdock or rocketdock. If anyone can give some tips on improving performance ill be more than happy to try them... I am using vista ultimate with latest geforce drivers... thanks
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