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  1. maybe fine on xp, but: it doesn't work on vista (my 64bit premium doesn't allow it anyway), and the script is pretty usefull to quickly pop up/down your taskbar. Since xtray doesn't work on vista at this point, and you still need acces to your tray in a fast manner + it leaves the launch orb unaffected which is also usefull to me
  2. Hey Matias, included Dutch (nederlands) language file beneath. great app man! Nederlands.zip
  3. 1=> set autohide on in taskbar properties (rightclick on it) or if that gets on your nerves (taskbar pops up over xwd when you go to deep with mouse),use an autohotkey script like this one: #SingleInstance #NoTrayIcon s=0 F12:: if s=0 { WinHide ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd s=1 } Else { WinShow ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd s=0 } return copy this into a txt document and save as taskswitch.ahk, then run it with autohotkey (use google to find it), use F12 to toggle taskbar on/off OR PM ME, and i'll send you the compiled version (+-200kb), since i guess i can't attach exe files , and didn't bother to t
  4. or use the one in the docklet thread released today doesn't work on vista 64 sadly
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