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  1. bobah pls. update this its really a great dock than any other docks out there
  2. hmm that's not true...it works well even with desktop slideshow
  3. Could I request for themes? I just want a theme for windows 7..just like the taskbar preview
  4. how to make the dock not affected by show the desktop?
  5. is there a way to randomize the effects on stacks
  6. Please Read The only thing I hated about XWD is that the icons are blurred so you have to find a png for the icons and manually change it, how tiring... Must do Request: >Support for icons(256x256 icons) Also if you could add a setting >to lock the icons >centering position >screen position: top, bottom, left or right >layering: always on top, normal, always on bottom >icon opacity >settings for the fonts used in stacks Optional Request: >if you could add more icon attention effects, not just the bounce If you could add this on your next release..
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