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  1. MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2008) 2.8GHz Intel Core2 Duo 24" LED Cinema Display iPad (Wi-Fi) 32GB Wireless Keyboard Mighty Mouse JBL OnTime IOmega 1TB RAID HDD Just finished cleaning up yesterday
  2. iPhone 3GS ... One for all! (And an iPad would be great.)
  3. Seems no RTM after this... Quoted from the IPS homepage: There're also quite a few discussion topics about the release in IPS forum . Updated: Out now. See it and apps in your client area.
  4. Since IPB 3.1 will be out this afternoon, may I assume we will see this marvellous skin around today or in a few day?
  5. Exactly. Is it still in progress?
  6. Full support of Shoutbox (View shouts and ability to shout).
  7. I think a Mac skin doesn't have to looks like a Mac OS X because this is forums and that is OS. Even Apple official site looks different from its OS interface i.e. buttons are not 'Aqua'. To get Apple feel is just slick design as simple as possible. P.S. Replying using an iPhone. P.S.2. You know, the top toolbar is so similar to the Mac window that I first mistook it as a part of Safari window. I thought at first that I installed some addon or toolbar by mistake and tried to figured out which program I installed
  8. Apparently the skin has gone far beyond what your early design is. Now it looks very clean, slick, minimalised design and very Apple-like. Good to see work in progress. I feel like I can't wait for this skin for a sec! Great job!
  9. Hello, I came across some pretty sites with iPhone/mobile version. You might get an idea for future release. 1. http://iphone.appleinsider.com/ This site is incredibly fast, even when I use EDGE. Interestingly it's heavily using JS to get what it is. The overlay tab bars are useful when you have to view long list of topics, although they somewhat obstruct the page. And I don't know how they preload every topic but hide their content, when you click the topic it expands instantly. All media such as picture are replaced with the placeholder to boost the speed. When you click each media it will load. 2. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/mobile This is slower than the first site but still light weight ant optimised for iPhone. When you click to view each topic, it will preload and slide to new page. I prefer the first one (appleinsider). But whether you will implement it (or if it is even possible to develop) is still your decision. P.S. For those who wish to emulate these web, if you have Safari, choose Edit >> Preferences (or Safari >> Preferences for Mac), go to Advanced tab and check "Show Develop Menu". From Develop menu in the menu bar, choose "User Agent" and select Mobile Safari 3.1.2 (iPhone) or other browsers of your choice. This way you can view the page source by selecting View >> View Source from the menu bar. P.S.2 To Timan, about the shoutbox, I typed all the changes I made to reply you but was attacked by "Board Offline" and then my connection was gone shortly after that time so I got frustrated and didn't reply . I'll reply to you once I can get connection at home.
  10. @fraznvz Thanks a lot. This is perfect solution for shoutbox module. Your solution should be included with Timan's next release! @Timan Thank you for your work for shoutbox too. I still miss the ability to shout. Truthfully, I would love to have only shoutbox instead of forum when I were to use phone. So I added all JS back and revert all changes with shoutbox. It's back to ugly interface, but it's working, but only for global shoutbox, not in the shout module (after adding fraznvz's tab.) It slow down load time a bit, but thanks to 3G, it is not so slow that annoying. I will try to ask in the forum weather to load only necessary JS for shoutbox, or load only when enter shoutbox module.
  11. Seems no hope for shoutbox mobile ... T_T Maybe could you just skin the shoutbox, and leave instruction to "add it (Javascript) all in"? I tried to add JS back but I might missed something because it still doesn't work. I don't know which skin bit to edit. With JS enabled, several mods will work too (such as Ajax Fast Reply). Regarding the speed, I saw quite a few mobile sites that use JS and it seems still fast with 3G. (AppleInsider, iLounge, ...) But I understand that many in US has poor 3G coverage (thanks to AT&T ); speed is big problem for them. So maybe this is just an option like to made skin selection, and for those who want fast not functional they can leave JS away.
  12. I would say I have no knowledge about this at all, otherwise I'd be more than happy to help you out. I can post in the peer-to-peer support forums, but I don't know how to start or explain technically and precisely. http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/416-ipshoutbox/ P.S. I don't like to call this addon 'unofficial'. Although it is not a paid addon, but this project is held by IPB staff themselves. It is as much useful as IP.Converge and IP.Tracker, and is officially supported in IPB company forums. (This makes me sure that you can get some help over there.)
  13. I doubt if the iPhone is JS disabled. If so, why I can still shout using iPhone when I use normal skin? I don't have any knowledge for advance skinning. But it seems not reasonable to me that on the same phone, one skin can use JS but another can't. So it seems like user-specific problem, not device? So could you let it be not function for that user who disable it, but make is function for those who enable? Shoutbox that you cannot shout is nothing. When I use mobile phone, it means I want to report short, live things, like twitter, or want to have a chat with friends. It is no use if I use mobile phone for posting long descriptive topics. I would find some internet cafe if I have to do so.
  14. It's a community project held by IPB staff. http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/416-ip-shoutbox/ At first, I though you paid attention for this addon because the language "Toggle Shoutbox (shoutbox name)" is different.
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