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  1. I get the same error message.
  2. I know there was a port of it done, but does anybody happen to have it? All the links on the board are dead.
  3. link is down, can somebody post it again, or send it to me? [email protected]
  4. does anybody have the official panther finder PNG file, the one out there is not the correct color, it has more of a greenish blue color than the official panther finder icon. Could someone post the PNG here please? Thanks so much!
  5. SS Powermetal Green by Me Objectbar by Me BIGGER
  6. any word on getting the material back online?
  7. Thanks guys for your responses, but Adster is right, I want a way to adjust font smoothing to make it appear exactly as OSX appears. Cleartweak and other tweaking clear type programs do not do that, they just adjust the contrast of the font on the screen.
  8. Alright, Im going to go ahead and lay this one out there. There must be some kind of way to adjust font smoothing beyond just clear type in xp. There must be some way to Modify clear type, and not by a program like clear twek or anything, but a way to modify registry settings to obtain a complete Mac Osx look. The Lucida Grande font in windows does not appear exactly as it does in osx, and that is a given. But if you use adobe photoshop and type out the font at size 13 with the font smoothing style set on smooth, you get a PERFECT match. There must be some kind of way to adapt this featur
  9. I am sorry to have to post this, but i recently formatted my computer and I am looking for the LucidaGrandeBold font, it is in the same format as Soulless' fonts and it not the standard one included with windows. If someone could help me out, it is a PFB file or PFM file or whatever, and just post it here, that would be awesome. THanks guys and gals!
  10. Wow, you are killer. That Panther finder app looks amazing. I agree, you should package all your apps into one amazing exe file. Package it along side of Iceman's OSX conversion for Windows. Simply amazing work.
  11. That looks simply amazing. All of your work is of the most admirable quality. You've done an outstanding job this summer with so many different apps. I anxiously await the release of the app. Again, Great work!
  12. the tutorial is awesome, but one thing. When i use the tutorial and hacked dll, my file menu in object bar disappears when i open an explorer window. There is no file menu, that has like file, edit, view, tools etc in it. Is there anyway i can get this back in object bar? Any help appreciated, thanks!
  13. I would also like to port this theme, anyone with a mac, please post some screens, help is greatly appreciated!
  14. Yeah i was wondering the same, when will this new version be available, a configurable toolbar would be simply amazing, so I could customize it with different themes.
  15. Dark Vagea I have similar problems, put one of the skins in a folder and call it default, that will allow it to run
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