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  1. Yes Bjorn thank you so much, that one! Any ides where to get it? Thank you again.
  2. Hello guys and girls, I've been looking for this icon for a long time and can't seem to find it. It was the icon used by apple in the old mac.com mail, before mobileme.com. It was the classic Apple mail stamp icon with the mac.com in it or something similar. Any ideas where to find it anybody? Thanks a lot!
  3. very nice icons ! don't u have one of the donkey ??
  4. Thanks iFido ... these are great as all of your work. In www.mac-think.net we follow all of your work. http://www.macthink.net/community/viewtopi...p?p=60393#60393
  5. Thanks zoot ... i already searched the whole web and didn't find it ... thanks anyway
  6. thank you all ... excuse me for the useless thread, i didn't know alilm was looking for it as well ... i think it should be merged as you said. Again thank you all
  7. Thank you so much Infinity, i really like those ones :woot: ... but actually i was looking for the wallpaper inside the Cinema Display anyways thanks a lot, i already downloaded your walls
  8. Hi ... does anyone have the new Cinema Display Wallpaper from Apple ? Here's a preview Preview I know it's a hard find but i'm just asking. Thanks in advance
  9. PearPC has a problem with .dmg do you'll have to convert it to .iso. Search on www.emaculation.com , they have a converter. I tried it, worked fine, but the update stops on 21% and corrupt my panther installation so i have to reinstall Panther 10.3 ... Cheers
  10. where can i get that keynote presentation or any video maybe ??
  11. i tried PearPC, got panther running ... i have 0.3 CVS pre Nightly Build ... but wich are the differences between CVS and SDL ?? and how could i get to run the sdl version ?? Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks a lot Bicet and Magbi !!!! i really love this theme ...
  13. Bicet, that right Panel/skin IS TOTALLY AWESOME !!! great great great !!! please share when you have time ... and thanks for work on pinstripe theme as well. i know it takes so much time ... thanks thanks thanks, it's all i can say ... btw, Mail.app skin update is workin perfectly :woot: waiting this right panel as well as pinstripe ... and please could you upload that Mac.com pink icon ??
  14. the problems about ITMS not being launched in other coutries are the songs permissions ... cause in USA every song has a single permission, but in europe, for instance, there are several companies who have permissions over a single song ... and there aren't any records about, so Steve has to find every permission owner and negotiate ... www.spymac.com i read an interview of precisely that few hours ago
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