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  1. Thanks Smaky! It seems the problem I am having is the <comic name>. How do I find the comic name? You have "crbc" in your pattern for BC. For exmaple, what would be the <comic name> for boondocks? Thanks again for this great docklet! This is the best comics gadget across all systems (Konfabulator, Dx, Vista, Google, etc). Edit: Never mind, I found it! Its in the page source next to "featureCode" . I also want to thank you for posting the docklet here. I got it over at wincustomize, but ran into the gocomics problem and that lead me to this forum, which is turning out to be
  2. Unless I am doing something wrong, the GoComics config seems to be broken. It keeps returning a dilbert image saying strip not found, however it does list all the dates correctly. Thanks for this great docklet! Edit: Seems like the image system at gocomics may have changed? <a href="#" onclick="new Ajax.Request('/feature_items/share/417427?feature_id=24', {asynchronous:true, evalScripts:true, onComplete:function(request){View.toggle('fi_panel')}}); return false;"><img alt="?fh=9f7cd91c71601c258d884e72f0e1e8ac" id="comic_417427" src="http://imgsrv.gocomics.com/dim/?fh=9f7cd91c716
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