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  1. I just read over at neowin somethin very interesting a site called http://www.transitive.com has made a program called QuickTransit which i cannot find out where to buy for normal users. In any case it fully emulates any program from any platform with practicly no hit in performance! Just think we can finally put all these aqua apps away and the dock and just run the real thing lol.
  2. also there needs to be a vertical version and landscape. Landscape mode can interfere with the function of certain programs
  3. isn't all about the looks? lol. The purpose is mostly the same as what it does on the desktop open programs! those icons on the desktop in that pic is just random stuff from an image I was using that had tabs. Basicly this is what I would like to see 1. a smaller dock for the pocketpc for executing programs more easily(anyone who uses the ppc will notice the lack of a desktop with assigned shortcuts.) should be more than possibly if used with external action scripts i believe 2. have tabs on top for easy access between programs (ppc does not actually have a minimize and restore thing you kno
  4. well anyways he does say any modifying of his source is fine as long as we retain his credits where credit is due.
  5. no but i would like to contact him about it but i suposed as long as we kept his txt file intact it would be ok....i would be interested to know if he could fix it for the ppc to the point executables. Does jon post here maybe i can pm him and ask for permission.
  6. tabs on top 24/7 for opened apps or possibly multiple desktops but that is a purpose the dock can serve so i see tabs more useful for apps that are already opened
  7. http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/jonmega...urceFD_1024.zip there ya go jon makes his source code available =) and for the images you will need the compiled http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/jonmega...shdock_1024.zip also this is what I would like the end result to look like
  8. jon's site http://www.jonmega.com/~iceman/stuff/flashdock/
  9. Can someone please edit jon's flash dock for the ppc 240x320 i believe is the full screen size also to access executable programs use of external action scripts may have to be in place. If anyone thinks they can do this please do so I am looking into it but I don't have much time to see it through, but I can definitely test out anything thrown at me. And yes the 1024x768 flash dock works just fine on the ppc just needs to be resized-landscape mode in fullscreen mode would be the most useful.
  10. maybe he bought it to perfect his y'z dock and other mac features for his windows just won't ever be able to release it......hurry hack him now lol =)
  11. i found the grab but the option for the screen shot is greyed out how can i get it to work?
  12. if someone can tell me where the print screen button is on a powerbook i'll take plenty of snapshots of iChat for everyone to study
  13. stuff highlighted in red must be streched
  14. idea: For iChat Bubbles by using html type of coding like xml it might enable ways to link images behind text example: *(hidden automaticly added as sent)* "" & " tags or xml positioning/layer tags will be needed to position bubbles on text properly. I know the example shown above will not work but I am trying to get accross a plug-in that uses xml coding in the background should be able to send similair working commands. hope someone picks up on this and develops on this idea cuz I can't. Don't see why this wouldn't work but I'm not plug-in programmer.
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