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  1. Did now notice the slider you added for offsetting the indicator, great job, now I can move the indicator down as much as I want it to Thanks for a great job with this dock (which is now my first choice of Dock-app for Windows) ^^
  2. If docked to a edge the indicator should be at the edge of the dock (like in OSX) instead of the edge of the icon (at least that's my opinion). Could just have so that you can set the position in the options for Nexus of how the indicator should be placed, but when loading a new skin it goes back to the "default" position. Or possibly have a setting to switch if the indicator is located inside the icons boundaries, or at the edge of the dock itself, and then have the posibility to change a value for how much to shift it up/down from that position or so. You could also consider adding a setting for placement of the indicator for skins so that if the setting exists in the skin itself, it changes the position of the indicator, if no setting exists, it uses the default position. In the end it's up to you in what solution you make and how you make it (and if you make it).
  3. I refer to how OSX has it's indicators, at the absolute bottom of the dock at the edge of the screen (when the dock is placed so that is), not at the edge of the icon itself.
  4. The Mac OS X Leopard background I imported from Rocket Dock works just fine with reflections for me at least. Unfortunately I'm not sure which skin it is from the Rocket Dock website :/ Not sure what you mean with overlay though.
  5. That's weird, for me it's the only dock so far I've tried that even comes close to feeling as snappy (including magnification) as the original OSX Dock. Only thing I miss at the moment is just to be able to have the running app-indicators at the absolute bottom of the screen instead of just at the bottom of the icons.
  6. A feature request I would like to ask for is a slider to adjust the vertical-wise location of the indicators for running applications that goes under the icons. As it is now (at least for me) the indicators is showing up at the exact lower edge of the icon, not below the icon just inside the outer edge of the dock. Or maybe I'm missing some hidden Advanced preferences for this? Other than that, it's a damn nice dock-app which has now taken over my previously used XWindowsDock
  7. You obviously haven't really read the entire first post in this thread: "Working in Windows XP, there are no Vista support currently."
  8. You're not alone with this problem, I've had it myself as well, but I mostly run into this bug when I have IconPackager set to make a archive of the icons, so I just set it to "Save package as individual icons" in Settings, that usually limits the appearance of the bug (but doesn't completely eliminate it however..).
  9. Here you go, did put the file on my own website, hope it works for you ^^ Fences v0.96 Community-Preview Beta - FREE This release is a beta / community preview, and will expire on August 31, 2009. Fences is free and will remain free ; we hope to have a Pro version with even more features available later this year. On a sidenote, I've used Fences earlier and it's very very nice Right now I'm however using AveDesk to replicate the way a OSX desktop looks so don't have Fences installed right now.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or what is causing it, but whenever I've just started XWindowsDock whenever I open preferences (or Edit a icon) the window opens partially/completely on my 2nd screen (which is my HDTV and it's also turned off when I'm not using it for watching movies or playing games etc). The HDTV is also set as secondary screen (Windows Taskbar and Start-button is on my LCD-monitor). Getting very annoying to have to turn on the HDTV just to be able to edit a icon after XWindowsDock has just started :<
  11. Yeah, did notice it myself one day when I just clicked one of those checkboxes in the options So problem solved there for now. Not really sure how it acts on real Mac OS X, can't check at the moment either, don't have it installed on any of my computers so. But I'm happy that it at least updates the contents now ^^
  12. Personally I'm having the problem that the folders I add to the XWindows Dock to use as a Stack, never updates. I've moved files in and out of the folder, rearranged and renamed them, but XWindowsDock won't update the stack unless I remove it completely and then re-add the folder to the Dock :< I've tried turning on/off Monitoring when right-clicking the stack but no difference, same with turning on/off Cache Items, same there. Anyone got any info on this? Or are the Stacks not supposed to update automatically if the content of the folder changes?
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