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  1. ya I don't know what else is wrong or what to do to fix it. Guess I'll just have to wait for the beta/final version. Hopefully someone who has/had the same problem as me posts a fix for it though in the mean time . Thanks though!
  2. Just tried what you suggested again in case I did it wrong or messed up previously... Still crashes It has something to do with the StackLib.dll when I delete or move it to another directory other then the main (for testing). The dock won't crash but obviously I can't use the program. Out of ideas
  3. Stacks Docklet v1.0 works fine and great but was hoping I could try/test out v2.0 and of course wondering any anyone else was experiencing the same problems as me and know of a fix.
  4. Anyone able to get this to work on Vista Ultimate x64? I have Rocketdock and have installed everything to their proper directories and it keeps crashing the program. If I delete the StackLib.dll it loads up fine but obviously the docklet won't work. I even tried RKLauncher and still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
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