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  1. Announcing Rainmeter 2.0 Two years ago, an abandoned, virtually unknown piece of open-source software was suddenly embraced by a small team of designers and programmers with a vision of its potential. Since then, Rainmeter has become the premier desktop customizing platform for Windows PCs, and with over 3 million downloads*, its passionate and supportive user community is growing by the day. The result is a gallery of hundreds of creative skins, gadgets and plugins, and an app that just keeps getting better. To commemorate the second anniversary of Rainmeter's "rebirth," we've decided to su
  2. After almost 6 months of development and beta testing we have released Rainmeter 1.2. Many improvements and additions have been made which make this a great upgrade for all users of Rainmeter. * Rainmeter now includes a new default suite of skins: Gnometer by Poiru. Gnometer is a colorful and exciting alternative to the default Enigma suite. It contains skins which show off with all the information you could want on your desktop, and is fully configurable by the user with an easy to use settings tool. * Rainmeter 1.2 introduces Rainstaller and the .rmskin format. This util
  3. Apologies....I just got back into town. I look forward to your review and suggestions, and most of all: Have fun
  4. Before I forget again. Sig. Luciano inspired me to create a Background skins gallery, as he was suggesting to his user of CianoDock: To download Circle Dock for the skins....Ack...what a waste. Anyways the new gallery is up and running at the Circle Dock main site: I also started instituting Tutorial, Quick tips and Tips and Tricks at the Circle Dock Main site today as well...so I suspect this will grow More information here: http://circledock.wikidot.com/start Bare with me as these pages have been dormant for over a year, and I have just recently been made Admin for the Main s
  5. We are definitely beating up ideas as I post this, to include your latest thoughts. Unfortunately there are XML Files that must be Read/Write so there is the restriction. So the XML is placed in the AppData in Windows Vista and 7 by default. The XML Files handle a lot better than ini files, and can allow Circle Dock to handle more options, settings, and Icons with out the 64k limit. Making Circle Dock portable, or self contained is very easy I run my UAC: ON, but I also maintain a self developed File; "Program Files (Alternative" This helps facilitate those applications, that are sel
  6. firecracker6, I must say you have inspired me with an excellent set of concepts. Due to your comments, I am proposing the following installer changes: Reconfigure the installer to install by option: 1.) Full Install (this places core files per user choice and XML and any additional R/W files to AppData 2.) Install a stand alone package (This would install a Self contained package of all needed files to single directory) 3.) Install as Portable Application (Similar to option 2, But this would include and "Autorun.inf" Packaged appropriately to operate similar to PortableApps Setup...Th
  7. The direct answer is: You are correct there is only a full installer package, and that Circle Dock must be set as a standalone after install or a self contained Package must be made (Portability Creator) The complete install is required. Once installed there are a few options: 1.) Set Portability Mode: This will make the installed Dock "Standalone" 2.) Create a portable Package: This will create a portable (zipped) application of all items in the core folders Markham Is looking into a standalone (zipped) Package for the next major release. It was thought at he time that the cur
  8. Greetings folks. I am here this to promote a little something different. Circle Dock The project died over a year ago, but we are a live and running now, with new programmers, and an even better presentation. While Maintaining what Circle Dock does best, and that is a Circular Dock app launcher. The list of what is capable is extensive: * Launch your programs from a circular dock. * Drag and drop your files, folders, and shortcuts onto a circular dock that you can re-size. * Rotate the dock with either your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. * Change t
  9. Sig. Luciano, Saluti I have created a Gallery at the Circle Dock main site, so that your Users of Ciano Dock may download and use Background skins, and not have to Download the complete Circle Dock Package. Gallery Is Here: Circle Dock Gallery If you have any questions or Comments: I can be found at the Circle Dock forums. Thanks for the concept...Grazie Regards SGT. E. V. McKay
  10. Forum is located here: />http://www.rainmeter.net/forum See you there Regards The Sarge
  11. The following is a serious proposal Greetings A few of you will recognize that I am a representative of the Rainmeter software and community, but I also represent and support Circle Dock. I come with a proposal, and will connect the right people together upon request!!! We are currently utilizing the Standalone Stack version 1 in Circle Dock and have managed to integrate it into the core software. It has been put upon me to see about the usage of Standalone Stack 2. Unfortunately we have apparently hit a wall, and this is apparently based in the new coding developments in Stack 2. I wou
  12. Check your Anti-Virus I am finding that there are several launchers and system programs that get run up by the AV... I can not say for sertain tha this is your issue, but it is where I would start
  13. Thanks so much....it is more than I have and that is always better
  14. Hello folks I post rarely here, but read a lot. I have observed the talents and abilities, and since I am at my wits end....I am approaching several communities for assistance in our latest issue. CircleDock is on the move again with a new programmer. I have been tasked to find code that will allow the integration of Docklets (ie. that can be used in RocketDock, objectdock, etc.) I have been beating my brain aroun dteh internet for several months now and have come up with nothing. I do, however, keep being redirected to Raduking (Creator of RK Launcher) apparently he has not been heard fro
  15. Rainmeter 1.1 Is Released Rainmeter News November 01, 2009 Hello again folks Rainmeter 1.1 is now available and we are proud to release it to all of you. There is some major adjustments to address problematic issues in utilization with Windows Vista and 7, but also some serious advancements to the code in skin development & enhancements. Two major advancements to the user interface and initial experience: 1.) The Default skin (Enigma) has had a major face lift, and coded to be leaner and faster. Probably one of the more exciting advancements for the End User is RainBrowser. 2.
  16. A rather exciting development is coming for the desktop customizing world: with its first major update in over three years, Rainmeter is finally coming out of beta. And, among other things, it has a new Enigma upgrade built right in. Among Rainmeter 1.0's numerous improvements: - A built-in theme manager, RainThemes, to save and load your setups. - Complete compatibility with Windows Vista and 7. (Your data is no longer stored in Program Files, which eliminates problems with UAC.) - New visual options, such as text shadows, transformation matrices and improved anti-aliasing. - Expanded plugin
  17. Unfortunate that the first response has to be by someone who would just flame instead of assist in the growth of an individual. How sad most folks have become We all started somewhere, apparently the flamer never started anywhere, and decided to be a critic. old saying: "those that can't; teach. Those that don't; criticize" You have done Nothing to improve the quality of what you see and therefore should keep your mouth shut! I believe that sometimes retro is good, and any expression to forward one's self is excellent. You have taken the first steps into a much larger Customi
  18. I have already been in communication with Mr. Sylvie at AccuWeather.com and he is willing to work with anyone. You will have to review the contract and compromise on portions of it, but at Rainmeter, we came away with a very amicable agreement. Give Mr. Sylvie a contact at: New Developer Information and Assistance Michael Sylvie Business Development Manager email: [email protected] Phone: 814.235.8638 He's good people, give him a ring
  19. Now yes the XML over XOAP URL is working for now, but I question for how long. This fix has been floating for a couple of days, and it is the weekend. I expect as this sites bandwidth spikes, it will not last very long, but this is my opinion. I would not overly concern your self over any legal issues, as I have covered these in depth on the Rainmeter forum: http://www.rainmeter.net/forum/viewtopic.p...amp;t=622#p4333 My suggestion: Start insesting and researching a long term solution now! I am of the opinion that this XML site will not last, since weather.com is updating their system to a
  20. But for how long. Start seeking a long term solution now!
  21. Weatherunderground does provide excellent weather with 2 exceptions 1.) Slow. Weather underground is slow to feed and update their weather 2.) areas of weather coverage. AccuWeather.com covers at least 3 times more areas internationally and nationally
  22. Yes folks Weather.com has permanently cut off their old XOAP page, and any advancement will require the sign up of an account. But there are other solution. We at the Rainmeter community are switching to AccuWeather. Until Weather.com irons it self out. they are being a bit uncooperative with regards to thei rnew standards, but Accuweather has been good to us. Mr. Sylvie at AccuWeather is on standby to assist any who come. For more details for developers and community response, we are on top of it at the Rainmeter community www.rainmeter.com
  23. Hello Folks Very exciting news for us Raineers. Rainmeter; once a leader in skinned custom systems monitoring, or as Rainy put it: “Rainmeter is a customizable resource meter that can display various performance data in different formats”, has been placed back into development. Rainmeter not only has been customized over the years to get information from your system, it has been used to create control interfaces, obtain weather, and depending on how much information you want, yes it can tell you if it is raining. The customization and skinning capabilities are all but endless, and there has
  24. How about putting another nail in the OD+ cofin, and actually simulate their flyout stacks ability.
  25. I got it figured out, or close to. This individual is using Rainmeter combined with the HUD Vision config pack I use the same HUD Vision display on my system For the The upper dock, it is Rocketdock with custom PNG icons, very easily made with The Gimp. The lack of aero or solid substance can be had by combining Vista Glazz and any number of Vista themes from DeviantART I could simulate this desktop (minus the wallpaper) in a couple of hours Rainmeter can be downloaded at: http://www.ipi.fi/~rainy/legacy.html HUD Vision pack can be downloaded at: http://mepu.deviantart.com/art/HUD-Vision-8
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