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  1. I'd love to be given one of these spots - thanks for offering them.
  2. All of the cast are coming back, ALL of them (including Gregory Rush) for two movies filmed consecutively, and Keith Richards will be playing Johnny Depp's father should be very good.
  3. Handelgotd - the current rage in the font world.
  4. Yeah it doesn't work that well - I don't use the actual functions at all, just leave it in the corner to show the background.
  5. Here's what you're looking for - http://www.widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=33155
  6. There will be a feature do let you do that in AveDesk 1.2
  7. Yeah, but they did so a while back. Hopefully will remain free for a long time.
  8. It's hard to judge - but I think it is faster than the first, takes about one quick scroll through your entire collection for everything to load, and after that it scrolls very smoothly. Some great new visual effects too, such as during slideshows and a great rotating animation.
  9. Picasa 2 has been released by Google. I can't find a change-log but the entire program has been reworked with, from what I can tell so far, there is now RAW support, much improved editing features (such as auto straightening, auto contrast/color/lighting, the ability to tune in detail highlights and shadows, new effects such as sharpen and sepia, the ability to back up your photo library, create a collage, and much improved album editing and management abilities. Picasa Home Download Picasa Picasa 2 Blog
  10. It's hard to find Mac fonts on there own - and googling for them just brings in tons of links that don't help. Download some Mac visual styles/system modifications, as almost all of them include mac ludida grande fonts.
  11. You have to unplug the dock from the power source, then you can turn off the ipod when its sitting there - I'm pretty sure you can't turn it off when it is plugged in.
  12. Even so, AIM skins aren't common or easy to make, so you might want to look elsewhere for your IM skinning needs.
  13. Really? Wow that's half the fun of AIM for me - reading/seeing people's profiles and such.
  14. Not being able to view buddy icons, the flaws in displaying away messages, and the delay when viewing a user profile - things that I need to be able to do quickly and painlessly.
  15. Ugh I would use this them/program in a heartbeat if it worked better with AIM. Anyone know of any plans to improve different chat protocols operability, or will it remain the jabber client it is now?
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