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  1. that most properly dont have anything to do with win7, as i developed it on win7 x64 but it might have something with .net, since its developed in WPF
  2. hi guys heres a preview of a program that I'm working on. basically it takes a folder of films and displays them in a wallview, and it can fetch covers from imdb. in order to use your films must be in a specific folder-structure where every film is inside their own folder: -videos folder --filmtitle ---moviefile --filmtitle2 ---moviefile2 ... feel free to post suggestions Release.zip
  3. you could serialize the xml to an object and then display the objects in whatever fashion you want. try searching google serialize xml
  4. how about adding a mouse-enter/-leave event, to be able to update label only when its shown.
  5. thanks mate, this is awesome. I'm using it right now.
  6. sorry for double posting, cant seem to find a edit button problem solved the image i was trying to load did not exist because someone deleted it
  7. i am having this problem with c# wpf directx when i try to run this code vs says {Prevalence of Main Window, which is defined in the assembly Wpf3DTest, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null, can not be created. Destination of an activation triggered an exception. There is an error in markup file MainWindow.xaml, line 1, position 9"} (translated from danish using google translate) it all works fine til i set the imagebrush here i my xaml <Window x:Class="Wpf3DTest.MainWindow" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http:
  8. wow this looks way too awesome. i can't wait to try this. and as someone else asked what is that taskbar theme for win7?
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