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  1. Definitely the coolest looking iPod Skin i´ve ever seen !!!!! Check Out http://metalskin.co.kr/product.html
  2. lovin the folders...time for a chance thx4this
  3. It´s part of the Layered System Icons designed by BogdanGC get it @ DevArt
  4. Does this version also work with new iTunes 6.0.2 ? Anyone tested it already ?
  5. Awesome ! Lovin IT !!!!!!! Hoping for an good FF Skin !
  6. Very Nice and something different. Like IT!
  7. NIce One ! Good Stuff as always from you !
  8. Can anyone tell me where to find the Icons at the right border ?
  9. Latest Nighlty doesn´t work for me gettin an error on startup.
  10. After a long break a new Desk from me...enjoy! >click4fullsize<
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