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  1. hope anyone can make this..im gonna wait for dat if i stl alive
  2. here my screenshot.. actually shot on startup..im usingn 5.3 because im having error pop up in 5.4 or 5.6 can solve this?????
  3. why on startup my dock having cut and moved to left side having icon cut and some are lost..im using objectbar.they put on left side..why in other dock is normal..stil in center. and also having error code like everyone does..mybe i have to rest shorty using this dock..til not stable.
  4. im having error too like bizzit screenshot attached. pls fix dat
  5. Hi Boy and Girl. Ladies & Gentlemen. Could anyone Help me to find this icon..and im only new here in aquasoft..my friends recommend me here..coz last friday i saw her pc while we having coffee in starbucks.. i saw her laptop. everything inside is mac software..but her pc is hp .. i ask her mac software works on windows? she said no. its only clone and hack.. ask her to help and she recommend me here. i want all clone mac stuff or chingy thing in my laptop too..hehehehe..i got some now but im looking for this icon..anyone who got this?? if u have this 2 icons..be exactly same 2 d p
  6. Hi, Matonga Can You hide the menubar?pls.something like in safari 4..theres an option can hide menubar?...im having diffculty using safari 4 yet.il it install when its everything alryt. loving ur stuff. cheers.tc
  7. this thread for for XWD. Not for styler..next time think..r head eyes gonna shuffle. if u wnna hide it use styler or go to askvg theres registries to hide menu bar,address,throbber.
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