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  1. Leopard-X I was switched on Mac recently and since then I was spent most of my free time in exploration of Leopard. So, finally after some time, I was decided to make another Leopard style for Windows XP mostly because this is my second OS which I’m still using, but also because I was noticed some little differences inside Leopard window, which previously I didn’t manage to see. So this time I was decided to do this a little bit different in some details but also in a manner and way how I think that some things should look like! So let say that final result should be visual style which
  2. Thank you very much. This dock definitively looks the best and I must tell you that I am very pleased with it; especially how it minimizes the windows in the dock by using genie effect also gallery stack is great solution and animations in it are great. It haves definitively his bright moments. I can only promise that I will give it proper support by designing few docks of my own in the future…
  3. This is very nice dock, however I really don't like how the program icons are looking in the stack. They are too much blurred for my taste so I wander is it possible to tune that a bit?! I was noticed also that xwindow doesn't showing custom icons on shortcuts, but only default and from some reason certain programs even won't to run at all when I click on shortcut from the stuck but they work properly when I run them from the opened window... Any ideas how what's going on here? Also I see now that dock freezing option when stack is opened is actually very smart solution which rocket dock ha
  4. It would be nice if you could share with us here a little bit more of your thoughts. What’s so funny here bro???
  5. It’s done! p.s. Didn’t have much time for testing, so if you notice anything unusual feel free to report that here! Thanks! Contents: 1. Futura visual style for XP – (support 4 style variations) 2. Futura styler theme (support style for IE) ---------------------------------------------------------- Download ----------------------------------------------------------
  6. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I know for that issue. Everything is ok with the style, but simply those little triangles don’t work correct from some reason in certain programs. As for fonts; well, these fonts for now will stay. If you check any other dark style you will find the very much same thing. Simply it seems that is very hard to edit that part from some reason… I believe that must be solution for that part too, but simply I didn’t have much time lately to check that part… But this is one of my top things which I’m planning to do in the future…
  7. Yes I know that... However, windows black classic theme haves all fonts white, so I believe that this is possible to fix. I need just a little bit more time to find where the problem is…
  8. CoverSutra visual style for Windows XP: The style is slightly modified so I hope that you all will like it! Latest update: I was finished technically my work on shell style now, also I was added 4 variations with coversutra logo! I presume that all windows lovers will be pleased now, also all those people which simply from some reason don’t like to use styles with Apple logo! Oh, btw... If you notice anything unusual please report here. Thanks… -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS: CoverSutra visual style (support 6 differen
  9. Yeah, I was tweak that a bit... In short, the button is darker when you click on it! I'm not sure that I'm following you, because I didn't change that at all... The language bar icon is the windows default icon here, but that is something what I would also like to know!?! Do not double post - mps69
  10. LeopardXP v.1.1 This is just a slightly modified LeopardXP VS supported with Leopard skin for TT (True Transparency) and skin for MAC search… CONTENTS: 1. LeopardXP visual style 2. Shell styles variations for Ati and Nvidia graphics 3. LeopardXP style for TT 4. Leopard Mac Search skin 5. Leopard Styler skin ------------------------------------------------------------- Credits going to Khios, for assistance in the shell style modification. ------------------------------------------------------------- [EDIT] Latest update: Some minor changes was been made in aqu
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