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  1. Hmm ok that makes sense. Some comments about my feature request?
  2. Feature request: You should be able to drop files into the stack/grid. Where is the point in the "stay open" option if this is not possible...?
  3. DEAR MATONGA! I'D LIKE TO SUGGEST A FEW THINGS TO MAKE THIS APP BETTER. Why not make folder clicks more configurable? For example, left-click open in explorer, right-click open in stack/grid view or vise-versa. Or allow option to use middle-click too. OH I'VE ASKED THIS IN THE PAST BUT I GUESS IT NOT IN. Can you enable hover high-light all the time and not just when shortened text. I want to see the icon text high-light all the time when hover. PLEASE DO IT!!! thanks for this wonderful program. This highlight thing has been bugging me for ages since version 1. PLEASE DOOOO ITTTTTTTT! Or is th
  4. Hola Matías, espero que estés bien. Tengo una duda acerca de este espectacular stack y es que cada vez que agrego una carpeta para el menú no me aparecen los Accesos directos a los programas. Me podrías dar una solución? Saludos
  5. I ran this portable iTunes but it didn't detect my iPod. I ran the diagnostics and it said the helper service wasn't running. I wish that could be fixed.
  6. Guys please can you tell me how to uninstall this great software? I'm having some troubles :S Please tell me how because I can't find the uninstall link under Add & Remove programs in Control Panel.
  7. The setting "Gradation" under item Label is useless. The only choice I have in the drop down list is "None".
  8. Request to make font/size adjustable, current one way too small.
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