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  1. Even Stardock already released v2.0, but here all like been earlier... />http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/
  2. I disable it immediately after OS installation I strongly suspect that not only i doing so...
  3. This is too much, don't you think so? After every click on stack, memory usage increases.
  4. Excellent, Вован! I already like your dock! Удачи!
  5. Yes, but if you have a lot of quick launch icons and many opened windows, is there too little place for this, don't you agree? I think dock is perfect tool for quick launch, superbar or taskbar is good one for selecting windows and for information icons.
  6. No problem. http://narod.ru/disk/14924064000/StackDocklet2.0.zip.html
  7. Why replace? SuperBar & Dock working well together and perfectly complement each other.
  8. Very good dock, i like it! But one thing - is possible to use this dock portable? I tried copy folder to my flash drive and move to my work PC, but it's not work...
  9. The strange thing - on my home PC on Vista x86 sp1 and ObjectDock 1.9, version 2.0 works without problems and startup everytime, but at work, at the same Vista x86 sp1 and ObjectDock 1.9, SD2.0 gives an error at startup and ObjectDock runs from 5-7 attempts...
  10. BIG thanks! It's beautiful! But one of my icons is not showing. In 1.x version it's showing well
  11. Yes, i have the same problem - only one icon is highlighted
  12. By the way - since v2.0 my favorite folder twitch when opens in docklet. In v1.0 it opens smoothly
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