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  1. You can try this link: http://imageuploader.versalsoft.com/
  2. I think your patch didn't install properly. Reinstall it and try.
  3. Don't worry its totally safe. you can do it.
  4. Uninstall your game from computer then reinstall it.
  5. Right click on taskbar and go to properties check all settings.
  6. Sometimes this problem occurred from IP adress. you can change your IP address with restart modem and then check it. I think it'll be ok.
  7. Hi if you wanna styling toolbar then go to this website and see: http://www.guimods.com/tag/vista-styler-toolbars/
  8. Go to task bar and right click go to properties and check auto hide options or make sure task bar is locked.
  9. Nero is good for burnt cds. can you check your mac options and check your cd drive.
  10. Hi if you wanna good information about graphic card then visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_card
  11. I think you can reboot your PC. it may all error files remove from your computer.
  12. I think you need good information then please go to google and search there.
  13. Ya its possible to change default drive for windows. you can make it everywhere.
  14. You can reset your ipod and downgrade those option which occurred on your ipod.
  15. Yes you can use SP3 disc for your motherboard. If you want repair your motherboard then go to good hardware engineer for this.
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