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  1. Matonga has already programmed that. Look over to his official site: M! Reflect Icons
  2. well, that's a shame as that Docklet is superb and it would work with running indicators.
  3. I think you should add an option similar to the one from ObjectDock: Avility to hide off-screen ONLY when a window is maximized and show on-top at any other instance. I find this feature very useful and it's the only thing that prevents me from switching to another dock.
  4. @yanquis1972: Why don't you try using Stacks Docklet instead of Standalone Stack? I don't know if it's compatible with Nexus but you should give it a try.
  5. Actually a user had already pointed that video out to you like a couple of months ago. I don't know if that post was in this SD thread or in SD v1.0
  6. A new release? With Advanced tab implemented? On the same day as my b-day? Oooohhh you shouldn't have...!! LOL now that's what I call a gift Thanks Matonga, impecable release. FYI: When applying reflection, I don't need to restart the dock, relfection applies automatically right after I click on "OK" button. (WinXP SP3, OD Plus 1.9)
  7. That happens because only too-long-named icons are highlighted. Notice the "..." in the name? Those are the only icons to be highlighted to show the full name, there is no need to show the full name with icons that are already showing the full name.
  8. I'm on a Centrino Duo 1.66GHz, 1.5GB, WinXP SP3, running ObjectDock, Yahoo Widgets, Styler, WLM and Photoshop and all windows show up instantaneously, no delays, no problems. BTW: Texture size is set to "Normal" and Graphics engine is set to "DirectX". Those are default settings I think?
  9. Well, I've been using this version the whole week and it is as stable as it can get. Not a single error/crash of any kind, documents, programs, folders, everything runs just fine. (WinXP SP3 & OD 1.9 Plus) Regarding of the icon size debate, I already got used to it and I think it looks gorgeous. When the advanced tab gets enabled I'll be using this same size anyway.
  10. Probably the stable version from SD 1.0
  11. If you want to talk about Stacks Docklet 2.0 please do so at its own thread in HERE. Thanks. Point 1. It will be added in future builds, if you take a look at the options window in the "advanced" tab there is already an option to set the maximum and minimum icon size but it is greyed out for now. Point 2. Stacks docklet is intended to look like the stacks from Mac OS, that's why it has the bending in fan view.
  12. Nice, never heard of that command before. Thanks for clearing it up!
  13. Don't worry, that has nothing to do with your computer or its configuration. Matonga just added the "advanced" tab but it's of no use as of now because it still needs to be implemented. Bottom line: it will be added in future versions. And yes!! Matonga is teasing us!! LOL I love that feeling of being intrigued
  14. Mac doesn't have on-hover effect... As this is a copy of the Mac stacks, Matonga may or may not add that feature. At least that's what I think.
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