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  1. Has anyone experience sluggish auto hide performance? I recently bought a new ATI video card, and after installing new drivers (mine we almost 6 months old) whenever I mouseover the dock to make it appear from auto hide state, it is very sluggish. Oddly when I uninstalled my video card drivers, it began running perfectly smooth again. Has anyone found any setting in their ATI control center or video card settings to make the sluggishness stop? It's getting very frustrating.
  2. Every so often when I open a stack and choose an icon from in the grid or fan, the magnification of the dock itself becomes stuck. This is happening in RK Launcher. The functionality is the same, but the dock won't autohide and icons won't return to normal size. The only fix is to exit RK Launcher and restart it. See the screenshot attached. Oh and btw, amazing work. Love it so far!
  3. I have the same issue as Trypa. Is this a bug? It works fine in the preview version of 2.0
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