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  1. Hi Filandre, I'd really love to see user definable icon spacing (like in the old 5.6). Really glad to see someone picked up the development of this great dock!
  2. Yes, we love your work. Ignore the comments made by the occasional morron and many thanks!
  3. I would also like to see the dock pop up when the mouse is on the edge of the screen (and have it return to the background again when you move off it). It's the 1 of 2 things I miss when I moved from ObjectDock to XWindows Dock. The other thing is to have the start menu pop up when you press a dock icon, I hope someone makes this a plug-in or maybe Bobah could integrate this.
  4. I would love to see this feature as well (it also would be handy if it returned to the background again as soon as you move off the dock). I think though you better ask for this in the 2.0 thread.
  5. You can edit the skin file though, put in the paths to the new trash icons and drop the edited config file on skinmaker.exe to generate the updated skin.
  6. It's a known bug, AveDesk 1.3 doesn't have the problem.
  7. I got a crash using Nero Vision 4 on Vista: When selecting a video file, it crashes when it tries to generate the preview. (it works fine with XWindows Dock disabled) Details: Faulting application prevhost.exe (Preview Handler Surrogate Host), version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x47918e68, faulting module XWDkernel.dll, version, time stamp 0x2a425e19, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000036cf, process id 0x3c8, application start time 0x01c9a0c15a3c231d.
  8. No XWinamp docklet, I was surprised as well. I had a regular Winamp shortcut on the dock and removed that because I thought maybe it had something to do with that, but it kept crashing. Weird...
  9. I upgraded Winamp today to version 5.55 and opted to install some online services, I got this error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: rundll32.exe Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386 Application Timestamp: 4549b0e1 Fault Module Name: XWDkernel.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 2a425e19 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 000036cf OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 1d97 Additional Information 2: 44aaafc89b1c2f020e61bd4e88e47920 Additional Information
  10. I would love to see some more mouse-over effects besides magnify, like a pulse/glow effect, a ripple effect (maybe just ripple the reflection, like it's water) and a bounce effect etc.
  11. Forgot to say that AveDesk 1.4 compatibility would be groovy as well.
  12. Hi all, I just started using XWindows Dock and I love it. Few things I'm still missing though: The popup on mouse-over function is great but it needs a settable delay (like on OD+) to make it really usable (so it pops up after the delay when you keep your mouse at the _edge_ of the screen). An option to make it go back to where it was in the background when you move the mouse of the dock again would also make this popup thing work a lot better. I would love to see a docklet that clones the Start Menu. Minor issues: The 'Delete from dock' item in the context menu really needs to be in a su
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