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  1. And where might one obtain this 'icreate' wallpaper?
  2. I'd like to get a hold of this wallpaper too, if anyone has it
  3. Great work inktri! I just updated through firefox, now everything works just as you said it would Thanks again for this great extension! Now I hope the sage team will implement live bookmark override.
  4. Nope even sorting by title didn't work. Glad to know you're on top of things!
  5. Another possible bug? I have my email through RSS, and when I clicked on the 'Today' link, it shows an email from October 5th, despite today being january 5th Also, none of the sidebar functions seem to work with the aqua-soft forums feed. Probably the feed layout though.
  6. In the latest nightly, the genie effect is fast on my 5500FX.
  7. Bug: some feeds won't allow the sidebar to function, one such feed is : http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ilounge/rss_1.0/
  8. With the browser support, could this mean Dashboard widgets could be parsed and displayed on the desktop? I know some widgets won't load under windows but some will just fine Cause they are just html, and JS mostly.
  9. Is there any way to have the 'live bookmarks' indicator (the rss button inside the address bar) just open the RSS feeds directly in sage, ala the real safari? I love this extension thanks for the hard work!
  10. Do you have a 256x256 copy? I'd like to use this on Vista
  11. I mean it just shows the grayed out 'progress chunks' as if the volume is 0, which mute is, and it shows no soundwaves.
  12. the mute bezel is just the volume bezel minus the soundwaves and 'filled in bars'
  13. This makes me sad, cause I've moved to OS X now Keep up the great work AndreasV! It's definately an awesome windows program which still occupies my windows desktop
  14. No, Every time I save up enough to get one I get laid off :mad: Hopefully by the time the new intel macs come out I'll have enough saved again. Then get laid off ... And yes MacNN sucks for anything other than technical help, if you even get that anymore.
  15. Some mac users are probably 'elitist' due to the fact that a lot of people who own macs are upper class, and are usually snooty before they even buy a mac. Just my 2 cents.
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