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  1. That life was retaken by WoW, sad to say. @liquidplasmaflow: representin! Watch me yuuuuuuuuuuuuue!
  2. Been a long time, checkin to see if anyones still around that remembers me
  3. hows a tic-tac, a comb, and a pop-tart sound?
  4. You can tell hes intelligent since he ended his post with "lol"...
  5. @gtn: For no. 2, it should be Flip Vericaly, rotating it 180 degrees wont work unless its symetrical.
  6. Well if he did, he'd have to charge for it. If i recall correctly, when avedesk was first released he said if he ever got it to 2.0 he would charge for it. BTW, lookin good Ave! makes me glad i got my old win comp workin'
  7. Omfg Plad Scooters Ftw Pwn Lolzors Chip And Dales Mmorpg
  8. My collection of simon stuf by myselff: Simon Defacement Tutorial The Real Fort Simon Simon's short attention span Simon Listening to Queen Latifa And of course, Simon Gives Babies Knives wich wound up all over his school True Story!
  10. To quote wayne's world "Well it certainly does suck!"
  11. As hawt as i am, you best not be releasing those pictures
  12. CHILD ABUSE!!!! now dont get all mad at amazon for forgetting the 'Latifa' after 'Queen' :/ NOW! go make meh some corn muffins, im hungry!
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