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  1. Hello guys, long time no see Been thinking about resurrecting RK Launcher with the arrival of the new Visual Studio 2010 so do you think it's worth continuing development after all this time ?
  2. I also need the PC Suite icon
  3. actually here in Romania I can't tell the guys with the sound to arrange that... you just have to live with what they got and usually the monitors are so bad that you just can't hear yourself well enough... (I mostly mean the vocals)
  4. this is how my ibanez looks like (big pic) [ATTACH]8588[/ATTACH]
  5. yeah those guitars are very nice I tried one of those jacksons when I bought my Ibanez... the sound was too heavy-metal like... I needed a more alternative-rock sound...
  6. I'm the guitar player and main singer
  7. actually I'm already performing with my band check out some pics on: www.halatalb.ro (it's in romanian but anyway)
  8. thank you guys i'll look around here to see if I can find some...
  9. I'm interested what do the bands use on stage so that they hear the vocals better ? I saw that some bands use something in their ear... what's that exactly ? can anyone explain that to me please ? (btw I asked this here cause I'm a bit lazy to register on other forums)
  10. here's my VW Passat Highline [ATTACH]8457[/ATTACH]
  11. I will add that option soon: to be able to have an icon that opens the settings
  12. This never happened to me... and I use RK Launcher all the time...
  13. don't copy the file create a shortcut to it in the start menu folder
  14. go to settings and choose: show new applications in Behavior tab
  15. it looks like I will need to release the 0.41 before it's ready I keep receiving this complaint about that button unable to be clicked... and start problems... which aren't present in the latest build
  16. I'm not getting the same problem... are you sure you don't have any spyware attached to yahoo messenger ? //Posts Merged. -NC
  17. go to Exclusions tab in Settings and delete the Trillian entry from that list
  18. I'm trying to find a sollution to handle these shortcuts but didn't succeed yet... does any of you know how to do this ?
  19. 1) i'm working on this now.. 2) because the way docklets are implemented it's the docklet's choice to bounce when clicked or not
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