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  1. HI, i have this problem; After a few minutes the dock is lock and in the Task Manager I see 2 processes being, and i can't add some new shortcuts & icons....someone have this problem too? ps: sorry for my bad english Os: Windows 7
  2. Thanks for your support technosinner And for example i dont understand when you say "if your finnish?" lol You see the difficulty for me to search help and support on the forum....
  3. I have a suggestion, I see there are many people from different countries, and there is only English spoken on the forum... except for the people like me for example, its very difficult to have many support or help for anything on the forum, because im not really speak very well english as you can see So my suggestion is create section for different community and people are there, for example a spanish community, german community, french community, cause i think its communities were the most represented on the forum... managed by a moderator appointed for each country... Well im fi
  4. The real problem is that every day an icon disappears and its not for the reasons already suggested on the forum... I Think its really a new problem, but I'll try to find a similar case but I think there will be no new one...
  5. Well I think I have identified a bug, if its already on the forum I'm sorry in advance In fact I installed XWD 1 week ago, and i have this problem, every day 1 icon disapear without reason, I was ten icons at the begining and now only 4 lol amazing that dock he eat icons every day lol And sometimes he remplace icons by separators, I think we should seriously reconsider this version.. Sorry for my english guys
  6. Hello guys Another problem occurred...as you can see, my iTunes icon disappears to make way for a separator, at every startup of my system... And trash icon change all the time when I empty the recycle bin.. How can i fix it? thx Please sorry for my english
  7. thanks for answering me... It works now..but I had to install xwd again Too complicated for me edit the xml file.
  8. Hello, I have this problem, space between icons and there's nothing, no icons, no shortcut, no separator How can i fix it?
  9. it doesnt really work, especially when running windowblinds... I do not use because of that...
  10. Sorry Panta but i'm dont speak very well english and it's difficult for me to search on the board so I'll try anyway...
  11. Hi, I have some little bug with xwindows v5.6, when my os start i' have this window on my screen... Someone tell me how to fix it.. Thanks
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