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  1. well, you know what, no one's giving you advice, because there's no advice to be given. i've tried all of those too, because that's all that's out there. go learn some programming and make your own bar. no need to curse at us.
  2. I really hope you do add those features, bobah It's a brilliant application. All those features would be awesome. Dock magnification (bubble effect) would be nice, but not neccessary. Also, if you could hide file extensions in stacks, too. Well those are my two other complaints, but they're not really important. Pity i don't know programming so i could help. Can't wait till you finish
  3. oh well then i guess no one's in a hurry to fix it
  4. hey a quick fyi, the official site http://xwdock.aqua-soft.org/ has something messed up with the download when you click download, it gives you a 404 not found page. so i guess someone needs to fix that
  5. hey i can't use the last.fm docklet. i entered in my account info, clicked save, then i typed in an artist and clicked play. it said login failed. i re-started xwd, re-started the docklet several times, and no success. does any1 know if it works with 5.6?
  6. cool. for some reason i've never lost all my xwd data (thank goodness), but i'm using this just in case!
  7. i could download it just fine. well here it is for you XLastFM.zip
  8. i can change the icons for you too.
  9. hey this might be pretty tricky to make but would it be possible for a pandora docklet for xwd? if you could hook it into the openpandora app, it might not be so hard. something where you can just play/pause, maybe thumbs up/down, and if you click on something on it it will maximize openpandora to the foreground. also if it popped up a ballon with the track info, that would be wicked sweet! of course i don't know if this is even possible, but if it is, i'd be using it all the time!!!!
  10. here are 2 docks i made for gaia09. http://cjborodin.deviantart.com/art/Gaia-0...-PORT-132656181 http://cjborodin.deviantart.com/art/Gaia-0...-Dock-132968894
  11. i see you're using the awesome vfox skin with the tabs on top. i love it
  12. is anyone making a gaia 09 theme for xwindows??? i would make one, but i'm not that good with photoshop and i don't know how to make a xwindows dock.
  13. yeah i can't use it on vista. either the text is transparent, or finderbar loads really strangely where it gets rid of the minimized windows -like it's supposed to- but that's all it does. if i kill it in task manager, it doesn't do anything and i have to restart explorer. has landvermesser abandonded this program? this is my favorite mac bar emulation!
  14. thanks matonga! i made an exclusion since i have mcafee virus-scan enterprise, so now i can use it
  15. McAfee finds trojan in it. and mcafee is a very good anti-virus. EDIT: hmm, that's weird. i re-downloaded it and it doesn't find any trojan, but i can't get it to work. it says: "this application has failed to start because mcbrhook.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem." help???? EDIT (again ): it looks like every time i download it, mcafee automatically removes mcbrhook.dll and i can't use it then. can someone send me mcbrhook.dll?
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