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  1. I don't got any problem with OB and Acrobat reader. But apparently, your problem is from the size of the spacer. All you have to do is to right click in the blank space in the OB, then go to Arrangement and enable "Allow this container to be resized.
  2. Hi btb!!! First of all, if you have the UAC enabled, you'll got some problems with XWD, so it's better if u install it in other file than program files. I don't know wich bar you mean in explorer, but normally WB changes the look of ur taskbar, but the bar that is in the screenshot from xfifteen is ObjectBar from stardock, apparently you got some trouble with that, i'm using objectbar 1.65 in vista without any problem. In order to patch the dll in the system32 folder you have to: 1. Right-click the file original and select Properties 2. Click on the Security tab 3. Click Advanced i
  3. I really like your skin! But It would be nice to have the 5 stars rating option, and the controls as well. Thanks man!
  4. I just got the newest version, but I wouldn't!!!! Before it worked fine without the hot corners, but now I got an error message "Failed to get data for 'KeyModifiers'", And I can't return to the other version, What can I do? Edited 25/03/09 Thanks Matonga, it worked perfectly!
  5. Hi, I got a little problem with minimizing to the dock. Normally if I got several windows of the same program running at the same time (like safari) and I want minimize one of them, the other ones will too! What can I do? Thanks for ur help!
  6. Pretty easy, I'm pretty sure you have hidden your desktop icons, so if you go to your desklet properties, normally the style for PidlShorcut is desktop icon, all you have to do is to change it to always on bottom or on top or whatever you want that’s all
  7. @matonga Hi Matonga, I got a little problem. I'm running winwdows vista with aero enabled and UAC as well, and always that I got the confirmation screen from UAC (consent.exe)or hibernate my computer Showdesktop.exe will crash with a message that says : Win32 Error Code 5. Accés refusé. Here, an screenshot. Gracias Matonga!!! Edited 11/03/09 You're rigth thegiantmidget, when I disable the hot corners the problem is solved, but I would like to keep'em anyway. I'm still looking for what we can do!!!
  8. Thanks Nikola I don't really know how u can remove ur address bar, but I can give u some advices for looking more like leopard - For having the buttons (min/max/close) in the left side : http://hsiw.web.fc2.com/ - For having the roll option (the window roll into its title bar), besides transparent windows : http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...s/WinRoll.shtml - For having tabs and list look (with blue lines) QTTabBar I don't use Mac finder Toolbar but I got Zeus themes (u won't have foctional buttons but at least you won't have to remove the address bar).
  9. 1. Right-click the file original and select Properties 2. Click on the Security tab 3. Click Advanced in the lower right 4. In the Advanced Security Settings window that pops up, click on the Owner tab 5. Click Edit 6. Click Other users or groups 7. Click Advanced in the lower left corner 8. Click Find 9. Scroll through the results and double-click on your current user account. 10. Click OK to all of the remaining windows except the first Properties window. 11. Select your user account from the list up top and click Edit. 12. Select your user account from the list up top again a
  10. @Nikola Where did u get foctional buttons for view style in ur windows? which sidebar u use?
  11. Hi guys!! I almost forget, here two links for a more realistic style: - For having the buttons (min/max/close) in the left side : [post=0]http://hsiw.web.fc2.com/ - For having the roll option (the window roll into its title bar), besides transparent windows : [post=0]http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Other-Desktop-Enhancements/WinRoll.shtml Let me know if ur having a problem!
  12. Because I don't know ur windows language and I do'nt lnow how it's called in english look at the picture, all u have to do is to clic on that option and that's it
  13. FindeXer :[topic=0]http://tomseffect.com/ U choose between ur system kind (32nits or 64 bits), Don't forget you have tio download Microsoft’s latest C Runtime Libraries C++ which can be downloaded here: [topic=0]http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=32BC1BEE-A3F9-4C13-9C99-220B62A191EE&displaylang=en For looking like Mac's Finder check this : [topic=0]http://www.markraats.com/FinderXer_Tutorial.htm Hope this helps U!
  14. I'm running Vista SP1 32 bits - ZEUZ OS X themes, for the windows styles (the best ones for vista, there's even brushed themes) - I got FindeXer too, without problems!! I works pretty well (the last update) - U can always keep somme .dll from Vista OS X'09 like imageres.dll (icons and boot and shut screens), authui.dll (apple at the start), browseui.dll - themeui.dll - uxtheme.dll (for applicating .Theme files) - I use QTTabBar for the mac's tabs and the background list look - AveDesk for havid the shortcuts from the drives in the desktop - RKLauncher - Switcher (Mac's exposé clon) -
  15. Hi Noise maker! First of all chek this [topic=0]http://patrickgs.deviantart.com/art/VistaOSX-09-Uninstall-100318778 1. Before starting to do this u have tu disable the users account control: -Go to start clic in ur user's picture then clic in enable/disable users accounts control (UAC) (sorry if thazt's not the name but i got my windows in another language) 2. Reboot ur PC, go to your start up menu (press esc after the fisrt screen), N.B: this menu is in MS DOS 3. press F8 to go to advaced options 4. Normally u'll have to give ur password if u got one, Clic in CMD 5. There u go
  16. How Did you do it??? I still got the same problem
  17. Gracias Matias!!, I'll try it then. But I gotta say that is a shame 'cuz I really like ur work!! Continue like that, anyways i'll be looking forward to see if u can solve this problem and when "showdesktop" will be included in WinExposé. Merci encore!
  18. Hi Matonga!!! Firts of all I wanna congratulate U for the great work u do!!! I just got the latest version of Win Expose but I got §i little problem. Actually is not big deal, but when I activate the expose I don't see my desktop, wonder why, so If I got to switch something please help to find it out Thanks a lot!
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