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  1. My photoshop isn't working. Link here
  2. Thanks firecraker6!! Let's hope so!
  3. Can anyone share the preview templates, please??
  4. @bh2: It works great, only a few issues, for exemple the mac finder toolbar for windows doesn't hide the adress bar (you have to do it manually). On the other hand one thing I adore of leopard is focusing so i'm modifying this WB skin in order to have it, but i must confess that is not easy 'cuz the dimensions change (see image)... I got issues too with the common places text while mouse is over, 'cuz I wanna change the default color but WB simply doesn't let me do it!! But as you can see the tree control in the sidebar works perfect with fonctional arrows and white text while selected!
  5. Hi everyone, Is there someone that can tell wich *.msstyle uses WB, 'cuz I want to HEX-customize it in order to change some things that are not changeable in shellstyle.dll Any help, clue, whatever will be appreciated!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I second aka120 and Smaky, I would like these features (the Mac like stacks and minimization), with all this i'd pay as well! I think this two things are the key to complitely make us forget about XWD. I would like to mention that if you can make hiding/appearing of the dock in the ordre of ns instead of 1 second that would be nice. One quetion, can I disable the "please wait" screen while the dock is starting? JcRabbit, continue your great job!!! and thanks!
  7. Hi everyone!! In my constant research for emulating the mac look and feel, I got a new problem. In leopard finder the headers are shown only in coverflow view. (See images) So, I modified the headers size in the shellstyle.dll from aero msstyles in order to hide them, but I want the to appear when the details view is active. Given that i'm using WindowsBlinds for skinning windows Vista, any change in the aero.msstyles with un hex editor won't work, but anything done in shellstyle works fine. Therefore, I want some help to go through with this little problem. To modify the
  8. VoilĂ . Thanks Firecraker6. I hope this will explain it all.
  9. @Firecraker6: No it's not exactly what i'm talking about. I mean an option where normally all apps are excluded and only some apps (choosen by you) are included. My problem is that i'm using WB for skinning windows vista, and the windows have allready a shadow. Except for iTunes and objectbar. Besides the attach drop shadow to menus option it's great to emulating the Mac menus. On the other hand, you can only exclude 32 apps, and all the #32770 windows type are allways included, thus it's impossible to exclude the whole pakage. I recomend you to see the blend preferences in the link above, th
  10. HI, I would like to know if there's the possibility of doing a "conform to the liste above" option like blend transparency (http://www.sizzledcore.com/2008/05/13/blend-add-transparency-to-your-windows/) for Y'z Shadow, since I only want it for some especial apps. Thanks!
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