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  1. i usually just have to resize one time the tab handles and then the text font size auto adjusts
  2. as I just bought OD2004 and OD+ I will quote myself and ask for those (or didnt I checked far enough in OD+ ? )
  3. Hi Jeff, two questions about OD+ tabs before doing the step and buying it, 1) is there an option to colorize only the tabs handles 2) when in autohide mode if you mouse over a tab handle is it the one focused when the dock appears or does it require a click to be the one active (3) (and globaly can you change the tabs by just hovering over it for 2secs or something like that ? ) Thanks !. probably gonna buy OD2004 also this week
  4. well I would not add that notion, clocks are full aplications, airport level too, weather etc... they rely on something but well then everything relies on the OS or on something
  5. I first remember reading about widgets being customizable controls on X server environement back in 94 or something like that, usually QT widgets. so if we go that way widgets should be customizable mini controls (or mini applications with customizable controls )
  6. Alderaic

    Widget Wars!

    well not sure about those for AveDesk but I think it does exist but in samurize you can assign a shortcut key to any instance (usually a widget has its own instance ) to show/hide and you can also set it to always on top nothing new here in Apple Dashboard
  7. I just want to point out one thing, without stardock, well without Brad because he was the one to do it for us, Samurize would probably not exist anymore as we had huge problems to keep our community on our website and host their work (configs, skins etc..) even if samurize isnt on wincustomize they did a lot more than having a widget gallery on wincustomize for us, and Brad was always the one to do evetrything for us, not someone somewhere etc... so I would like everyone to understand that stardock is not that big of a company, that their CEO is an available and generous man, and that like ma
  8. yep portable config was always (and still is) the major pain but hopefully this may change in the future, tho as samurize is using some very particular strings lets say for perfmons, it always breaks compatibility somewhere. (perfmons are OS language dependant)
  9. not 100% sure but IMO between macscript, no high end language to code portable dlls from mac to pc and back etc.. etc.. I dont see how Konfabulator could be a "fan-stealer" . it will most probably have its own public like Mac users also having a PC and used to the way of Konfab but well there is too much unknown stuff about it yet to say if it will or not be good. (about DMG and SIT, arlo could go through the hassle of coding something to open those, not sure if those are closed format or not but if they arent... )
  10. Alderaic

    Widget Wars!

    BTW about Konfabulator I may be wrong but is it the only one not supporting DLL plugins ?
  11. Alderaic

    Widget Wars!

    just a little comment about samurize, what was said do not let everyone know that now samurize allows also the creation of real DLL (separated on a source class and a visual class, meaning you can as always mix and match ) written at the moment in C/C++ powerbasic and delphi. but as I saw a lot, many users are in fact using multiple apps to achieve a result (maybe not in the case of desktop X which is more a full shell replacement than a desktop enhancement ) I also have to said that I was impressed by AveDesk CPU usage when hovering on animated desklets etc.. indeed a very good job on memor
  12. the bug was indeed fixed a while ago around version 1.20 (using it on a HT processor)
  13. seems like a module for vbulletin board , at least I assume so because the board could be a vb one so it would make sense
  14. well your idea of one desklet per menu would probably have used 6Mbs anyway, but Andreas may tell if it is possible to do or not tho I looked a bit to the SDK and I dont see if you can have your mouse do other things than click and drop and mouse in out(regular windows actions) (mouse down isnt a function in the SDK if I'm not wrong )
  15. try this : it is a finderbar clone (even replicating menus ) and free http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/index.php?showtopic=14114 tho it is in earlt beta stage so I dont know how well it may work on your system
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