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  1. Is there anyway i can take the genie effect from xwindows dock and use it with rocketdock? Or does anyone know how to make the genie effect for windowsfx faster? I really want that genie effect =)
  2. thanks guys i found most of my answers by searching and hopefully ill find the rest by searching some more
  3. Im new here and new to this whole thing and i have a couple of questions... 1. How do i move the spotlight icon to go after the time on the task bar? 2. How do i get the roll up feature? 3. What are some programs that do the same things as expose i was using winexpose or something but i prefer reflex vision much more but that is only a trail=(. So any program like reflex vision thats not a trail. 4. Are there any programs like allow the screen to go dim when using widgets like in the actually dashboard on a mac something like Avedesk but i dont know how to get that feature to work with that
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