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  1. yeah i have it working with the avedesk desklets but i want it on everything not just avedesk. Im pretty sure its not possible yet but i was just wondering
  2. okay thanks and forget about the 2nd question; one last thing though is it yet possible to get a selection box like the one that is on a mac when you click on anything on your computer instead of the item becoming highlighted blue. heres a pic of what i mean http://jasonh1234.deviantart.com/art/Mac-W...olders-83827511
  3. wait 2 more things 1. how do i get the folders to be really big like how he has it 2. im using yahoo widgets; is there anyway i can put something in my dock so when i click it the showcase appears instead of pressing F8 in order to get to the showcase (dashboard)
  4. thank you sooo much i've been tryna figure these out for so long cant believe it was this simple
  5. http://guiwhore.deviantart.com/art/Leopard...lation-58971173 How do i get objectbar to be transparent like in this guys photo and how do i get the icons on the side to be like his. Whenever i use avedesk the name and item # goes below the icon but i want it to the right of the icon like how this guy has it. thank you in advance
  6. still cant figure out how to add reflections to icons and minimized windows. Can someone please help me
  7. hey great program, a few questions 1. Is there any way to make it work with the mac finder navigation tool bar so you dont have to right click and select coverflow, you just click the icon and then it goes into coverflow 2. A bit off topic but what windowblinds skin are you using? if its not windowblinds which program and which skin because it looks really good.
  8. i called logetech about it and they said its not the camera's fault and then a week later they came with an update that fixed the problem. =) I love that photobooth clone. My mac emulation is now complete!!
  9. i tried amcap i before and it worked fine. its only with some programs; should i call up logetech?
  10. can anyone in the world help me with this ive been trying to get this program to work for almost 3 weeks now but whenever i open it says an error has occurred and it closes right away. Same thing happens when i try to use my webcam with an internet website that requires access to it my internet just crashes? Maybe a flash problem idk.. can anyone help plasee!!!
  11. Okay guys i tried it out with AmCap and it worked great but still doesn't work with internet programs that ask for access to my camera nor does it work with the photobooth app still. So does this mean its a flash problem?
  12. thanks guys i will try this stuff out and let you know if they worked
  13. @ matonga heres a leopard bricko pack http://en.softonic.com/s/leopard-bricopack or you could just google leopard bricko pack and you get some results. I hope this is what you were talking about
  14. I tried that just now still doesn't work Anything else i could try
  15. Okay so i just got a web cam and im having problems using it with any other programs besides the one it came with. For instance cmaroid.com or even the photobooth clone on this website. Im pretty sure it may have something to do with flash idk but whenever i try to go to website that needs access to my cam i click allow and then the browser crashes and with the photobooth clone i just see any video/picture or it will say a problem occured and has to close. I have a logitech quickcam fusion if that helps. Its fustrating cuz i just bought it and i cant even get it to work with anything besides
  16. Can someone please help me; i just got my web cam today and i tried using this program and it didnt work. what happening is i open the program it detects the camera and then asks to access it or something i click accept then it says an error has occurred and the program must close...?? help me pleasee
  17. if you have the 2nd gen ipod there is no quickpwn gui version as far as i know so use quickfreedom, for some reason not alot of people know about this program. I haven't used it before since i have an iphone but i did my friends touch and it worked fine so give it a try, http://www.appleiphoneschool.com/hack/jailbreak/ i believe its the first link
  18. they have probably used styler to change the forward and back buttons. I too have a problem with window blinds, whenever im dragging a window the top part of the window becomes separated aka the part that window blinds changes becomes separated when dragging windows. -this happen to anyone else
  19. Maybe use the desklets that come up for instance the my computer desklet/shortcut and make duplicates of it and then just change the path and the icon if you get what im saying thats what i did.
  20. okay thanks everybody that helped
  21. What exactly is it, i did some research but dont really understand what it does and does it work with windows?
  22. Seems like a great dock but im having alot of problems... *When maximizng windows it comes up fine then the window flashes and then reappears..? *I get this error sometimes when opening the program Access violation access module 004D98B18 'xwindowsdock.exe' read of address 00000010 *Cant seem to change the theme only default appears and im pretty sure i put everything in the right folder. *Randomly when i put my mouse over the icons they wont pop up any more and when they are working it's not as smooth and as fast as Ive seen other peoples, maybe thats just in adju
  23. how do i change my dock so when i scroll over the icons its smoother and faster? Something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEufXY9gWrw (just the first couple of seconds). And how do i change my theme i put the themes i dowloaded in the skin folder but when i try to change it the only one that comes up is the default. thanks
  24. wow i feel like an idiot i didnt even see it was for xwd lol, and thanks the hiding thing worked
  25. Hi, im trying to install this theme and i wanted to know if someone could help me because when i install styler and try to change the top menu buttons like he says its not changing...?? This is a pic of what im talking about forget the last post i figured it out but does anyone know how to hide the "file" "edit" "veiw" "favorites" "tools" "help" buttons Do not double post, used the edit function - thanks mps69
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