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  1. Hi all, You should test Nexus, this dock is really good too. Vladimir, you should look for inspiration for version 2 there. Lots of cool features.
  2. Please work on stability. On W7, XWD 5.6 does not workwell : crashes, freezes, loss of icons, etc... I do not use it anymore since I installed 7 cause it's not stable. It got to the point where it stopped working at all.
  3. Regarding the chm file, the community could work on it to lighten devs' work. This would be a nice community project. The content of it could be used to make a FAQ as well. The Help file is a great thing when done right. With the index and the search function, you can easily find what you want really quickly. We could create a thread just about the creation of the Help file/FAQ, discuss the sections, share the jobs to be done, etc...
  4. I'm not sure i understand the subject of the poll. Is it a FAQ about the forum or about XWD ? If it's about the forum, yes it would be cool as this forums have many specific rules. If it's about XWD, there is no need for a FAQ as there is a help.chm provided with it, which is available through the Help button in the Parameters window. A more in depth chm file with sections, index would be needed though : - Introduction explaining the purpose of XWD - Installation/deinstallation - Language files : lit of available languages with links, installation how to - Explanations and screenshot for each
  5. French translation for XWindows Dock 5.6 Complete, meaningful, thorough translation without Anglicisms, translation or spelling errors, etc... Traduction française de XWindows Dock 5.6 Complète, compréhensive sans anglicismes, fautes d'orthographe ni erreurs de traduction. Fichier à placer dans le répertoire "Languages" de XWD. By Panta: I'll quote here what you'd've read, at the very first post: "...before posting, verify whether there are other translations of the same language and contact original translator of that language for agreement prior to posting..." Francais.xml
  6. Is it here that we ask for additional features for docklets ? It is not specified and if I do I risk another message deleting.... Anyway regarding the XCal mini calendar docklet, it would be cool that XCal can get info (rendez-vous, tasks, etc) from Outlook. It would be cool to have in the "Parameters" window, sections for installed docklets. Customization of everything would be at hand there.
  7. Thank you very much for this app. This is is a great piece of software. Keep up the good work
  8. French translation for XWD 5.4. I tried to be as meaningful as it is possible while using a good French without Anglicisms, translation errors etc. Traduction française de XWD 5.4. J'ai essayé d'être le plus complet et explicite possible tout en utilisant un bon français sans anglicisme et erreur de traduction. File : Do not double post - use the edit function - thanks - mps69 Francais.xml
  9. The language xml file lacks several elements : - Title of the "Parameters" window - Capture windows section : it lacks an "Effect" label tittle to explain what Default and Genie are : Default and Genie are not in the XMl file Stack section : "x" stack effects for XWindows Dock not in xml - Help label button is missing File types section : Video, Audio, picture, Texte missing - Empty Trash confirmation window : Title window "Question" missing in xml About Section : not implemented either I can't reproduce the bug anymore. I think it came from the Russian xml. I saw it was displ
  10. There seem to be a problem with the language file implementation. I noticed that if I add a 3rd xml file in the Languages dir of XWD, it makes the app crash at startup with many error messages I won't recopy here in detail (I had a previous more detail post about this deleted). I first thought it came from the language file xml but it seem to come from something else as if I remove the Russian language file and add my file, XWD works.
  11. Hi all, First I just discovered XWindows Dock and this is truly a great piece of software : innovative, customizeable, nicely coded it seems and the parameter panel is nice to the eye. And most of all with a large supporting community. I have a few suggestions though : - Even though I am accustomed to Docks, I must admit the profusion of parameters made me dizzy at first glance. It's kinda hard to figure out exactly what parameters do when you discover XWD so I propose a mouse over tool tip text explaining in detail the parameter. Add section : Icons, Shadows, Reflection to help differentiate
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