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  1. Hello matonga, thanks a lot for your help, your answer was exactly what I was searching for! I managed to link my hdd and important folders with some avedesk desklets and everything works fine! You can see the result at my new screenshot: http://nuitmagique.deviantart.com/art/Second-Shot-111696816
  2. Hello guys, I am relatively new to this deskmodding thing and I started to try out some things with Samurize, actually it works good but I still have one problem. I want to link some folders to my desktop. I think this is not very difficult, I just added a text meter and activated meter linkage to the destination folder. Now I added a graphic file, it was no problem. But my problem is that I want to see how many items are in the folder which is linked on my desktop. Example: I want to create a text meter with meter linkage to my icon folder. I edit the text file to display the folder name
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